Development of Personality

Personality can generally be described as the relatively enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that distinguish individuals from one another.  But are we born with personality traits, or do we learn them over time through experience of our environments?

Beginning with distinguishing definitions and studies in temperament, this single module on the Development of Personality, taught as part of the Introduction to Psychology course, offers an in-depth exploration of the qualities and influences that form our individual personalities.  By examining research in social psychology, you will learn about the difference between temperament and personality, influential genetic inheritance, Eysenck’s personality trait typology, extrovert/introvert & neurotic/psychotic personalities, Anti-social Personality Disorder (APD), biological and situational causation, practical implications and environmental influences on personality development.

For anyone curious to learn, those with a personal interest, or students of core psychology, by taking this module you will develop a greater understanding of the concept of personality development and the way in which our personality traits can differ.  Especially recommended for anyone working in early years settings, or professional placements, where a deeper level of knowledge would enhance your interactions with others in your care.

Module Content:~

    • Comprehensive overviews of temperament and personality 
    • Research into early years studies on temperament and personality
    • Determining personality traits in standardised testing
    • Analysis of Eysenck’s theory of personality traits
    • Case study of Phineas Gage
    • Characteristics of Anti-social Personality Disorder (APD)
    • Neurochemical functioning of the brain and limbic system in APD
    • Biological and situational factors in the development of personality
    • Practical implications of psychological research into personality development

People’s Reviews;

‘Fantastic Teacher!’
(Lucy – Administrator)

‘I’d never thought about how personality develops before.  This information is going to come in useful when I’m with the children’
(Becky– Teaching Assistant)

‘Because I attended your courses and gained so much knowledge and confidence in my own abilities – and because of the academic reference you kindly supplied, I am ecstatic to say that I have now secured a place in my all-time favourite University’
(Wendy – Mature Student)

What’s Included;

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    • Module taught by a professionally accredited subject specialist in psychology & psychoanalysis
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    • No previous experience or qualifications necessary
    • No additional homework or examinations
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Development of Personality


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