Personal Growth & Wellbeing

‘You will win all of your external wars, the moment you win the internal one.’
Carole Sawo

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Personal growth is the conscious decision to learn about ourselves and to integrate the learning and progress personally from it.  It is said that life is a journey but given all the lessons we have to learn, life might also be described as the ultimate school, where we are ‘in tuition’.  Crucial to our individual development is awareness of our unconscious habits, programmes, deep-seated beliefs about ourselves and others, and the boundaries we do or do not have in place.  

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Age has no bearing on how and when we mature.  As we grow, there often develops a gap between who we are and who we have become.  At some point, our awareness grows of the internal disparity.  Many lessons are taught in public and learned in private.  Personal progression is the conscious choice to explore more deeply our own internal world and close the gap; learning often for the first time in adulthood, how to nurture and nourish ourselves, and return to physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual health and wellbeing. 

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