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From psychology and psychoanalysis, through forensic psychology, philosophy, into mysticism and metaphysics, Carole Sawo is an original field contributor of unique insights, new theories, thought perceptions & practical strategies, that regularly appear online, in interviews, and in mainstream media broadcasts & publications.  In addition to her published work, Carole has written hundreds of articles & archetypal poetry. 

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Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art by Carole Sawo © 2007

“… and as the lock turned Pandora opened the box.  Not out of disobedience, curiosity, naivety or ignorance, but in faith, fortitude, wisdom and love”.

The full title of this book, Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007) within which contains a plethera of uniquely presented thought-provoking concepts.  The works ‘in progress’ pushes the boundaries of contemporary psychological theory, spiritual interpretation, mystical musings, and evolutions of consciousness   … read more >

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De-Cluttering the Mind by Carole Sawo © 2013

Is your head in a constant whirl?    Are you tearful, forgetful, feeling stressed, and overwhelmed?   Have you just got too much going around in your mind?   Or have you gotten yourself into a mind-spin that seems impossible to get out of?  If so ‘De-Cluttering the Mind’ is a must for you – it has the capacity to restore and renew the way you view your life, your mind, and yourself  … read more >

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Through the Eyes of an Analyst by Carole Sawo © 2021

Through the Eyes of an Analyst, is a collection of intriguing articles written by an experienced analyst in human behaviour, that reveals such a window into the unconscious behaviours of others.  Explaining the difference between what is seen and what is unseen, Carole Sawo BSc (Hons) MA offers unique insights into the real motivators of others, bringing readers awareness to the symbolic language in non-verbal communication that goes beyond body language.
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