‘I attended Forensic Psychology with Carole pre-Covid and had to stop for personal reasons involving threats to my life. I will always believe that what I learned in the short time I was in class, her knowledge and insight to another’s mind saved my life. Carole is the most incredible, brave, intelligent, humble person I have ever met in my now 65 years of life. It is fascinating to hear her speak on this podcast.
Carole is for me already a woman ahead of her time’

‘Carole lights the flames that refuse to be extinguished’
(MC – Philosopher)

‘What you do is make people think more deeply – after your lesson our conversations take on a profound aspect, we explore more meaningful concepts’
(Martin – Print Design)

‘I can honestly say that after years of struggling, my life completely changed for the better due entirely to something Carole said’
(Joan -Mature Student)

‘I’m convinced Carole’s mind is like a universe’
(Dave – Long-Term Student)

‘I’ve been to lots of other developmental courses but I never found anything like this.  I’ve learned more in one hour with Carole than on all the other events put together – thanks so much’
(Wendy – Manager & Therapist)

‘Carole is an extremely motivational speaker’
(George ~ Property Developer)

‘I thought, at my age, I knew all there was to know …
and then Carole started talking and a whole new world opened up’
(Connie – Grandmother)

‘For those that seek to break the chains of what they call reality and mystery, I will remember Carole and make sure I point them towards her amazing courses’
(Gill – Student of Life)

‘Carole teaches in a lovely way and is always open to answer questions if you are unsure.  Amazing topics!’
(Georgia – Mum)

‘Fantastic Teacher!’
(Lucy – Administrator)

Amazing course, I leave each session questioning everything.
It has helped in my own profession and the development of myself as a person
and Carole is great, and so are her books’
(Autumn 2019) 

‘Excellent study of the human mind. Highly recommended for beginners & advanced’
(Autumn 2019)

‘A window into the mind of killers and the power to dissect their crimes’
(Clive – Accountant)

‘Found the mix of students made for enjoyable learning’
(Autumn 2019)

‘Really enjoyed the course – found the 2 hours flew by every week’
(Autumn 2019)

‘Would take more courses’
(Autumn 2019)

‘Your knowledge is astounding!’
(Summer 2019)

‘The best course I have done.  Carole’s so knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed every session’
(Summer 2019)

‘Generally excellent and while only introductory level – very eye-opening!’
(Tony ~ Retired Chairman)

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the course + has given me the spark to learn more’
(Angela ~ HR Assistant)

I will definitely suggest your courses to my friends and some of my clients’
(Sonia ~ Therapist)

‘Thank you, Carole, for the most interesting course.  It awakened many dormant desires for returning to learning’
(Summer 2019)

‘So sad to finish the course at the end of 10 weeks.  See you for Forensic 3
(Spring 2019)

‘Carole makes you think.  She makes everyone think’
(Sarah ~ Financial Consultant)

‘As a student, it has opened my eyes about the world, as well as supporting my studies and giving me a greater depth of knowledge’
(Jane ~ Customer Relations)

  ‘Anybody supporting or working with people –
Excellent course which enables you to improve analytical skills’
(Autumn 2018)

‘So good. So informative. So much info, and, so much fun.  I’ve learned so much. 
My Tuesday evenings are going to be very dull now the course is over’
(Zena – Director)

‘It only took one small talk with my friend to know this course is what can satiate my curiosity regarding forensic psychology.  The course itself proved to be beyond any of my expectations and I would gladly let all my friends know how worthy this course is’
(Julie – Mother & Administrator)

‘Thank you, Carole, for sharing a little of your knowledge & expertise’
(Autumn 2018)

‘I just wanted to let you know, that after attending your workshop
I feel like a weight has been lifted, thank you so much’
(Claire – Mother of two children)

‘Carole’s unique teaching style means this was one of the most interesting and thought-provoking courses I have ever attended.  Thank you
(Sarah – Charity Administrator)

‘I think Carole is amazing!!!’
(Jen – University Student)

‘A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening’
(Tom – Manager)

‘Brilliant course.  I loved everything, the open discussions, the complete insight into the minds of murderers, what leads people to kill, the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths, the difference between male and female killers, blood splatter analysis and so much more.
I wish it could go on and on.  I would highly recommend to anyone’
(Pete – Police Officer)

‘Love your courses, love the content, want more!’
(Michelle – Finance)

‘Carole is a brilliant, patient teacher, that has opened my eyes to a whole new fascinating world!’
(Anna – University Administration)

‘Your talk was so interesting I just didn’t want it to end – your skill as a teacher is clearly acknowledged and appreciated by your students, they have said such lovely things about you, you are worthy of every compliment paid to you’
(Beth – Mature Student)

‘Carole is amazing at captivating a room and ensuring all class members use their knowledge to think like forensic psychologists.  Absolutely brilliant class and would recommend to anyone.  Really helped me realise my true passion’
(Claire – Admin Assistant/University Student)

‘Carole is a fantastic teacher.  Her approach makes this complex subject so accessible.
She’s brilliant!’
(Marian – Student of Life)

‘Recommended.  Thank you’
(Tom – Assistant Manager)

‘Carole is lovely, friendly, polite and absolutely love her style of teaching.  Have learned a lot about forensic psychology and a lot about myself!’
(Tania – Accountant)

‘A comprehensive detailed course which challenged with new ideas and expands the mind.  Improved my thinking.  Great course, very enlightening’
(Carl – Retired Chairman)

‘Another interesting course, opening lots of doors into topics that I always wanted to know more about’
(Andrea – Financial Consultant)

‘I wish I had known all this information when I was on the Force.  There really are no other courses anything like these, anywhere else’
(Graham – Retired Chief Officer)

‘My whole life revolves around work or my family – lovely to escape and learn just for me. Had a great time.  I also ‘found my voice’ in class due to the relaxed atmosphere’
(Anne-Marie – Homemaker, and Mum)

‘There are no ways in which this course could be improved
– unless we could continue on for the next ten years!’
(John – Manager)

‘Carole is one kick-arse lady, amazing, incredible, intelligent, inspirational to all’
(Karen – University of Life Student)

‘Carole is passionate about her subject matter.  This comes over through her delivery, her knowledge, her enthusiasm – hugely informative and thought-provoking’
(Sarah – Financial Analyst)

‘I found the course interesting and comprehensive, and delivered in a clear and understandable way’
(Greg – Engineer)

‘Most enjoyable.  I was able to apply the lessons in class to life outside.
Brilliant. Attend these courses!!!’

(Brian – Mature Student)

‘Carole is an excellent tutor and explains things fully.  We are so fortunate to be offered these
courses by Carole – no exams, just an interesting course with like-minded people’
I have definitely learned a lot’

(Val – Retired)

‘Because I attended your courses and gained so much knowledge and confidence in my own abilities – and because of the academic reference you kindly supplied, I am ecstatic to say that I have now secured a place in my all-time favourite University’
(Wendy – Mature Student)

‘Carole has changed my whole outlook on learning.  I feel I can accomplish anything I want now, my mindset is now a growth mindset!  Thank you’
(Gemma – Pastoral Assistant)

‘Really enjoyable – wish the course would continue week after week – have signed up for the next course already.  I am now much more aware of how to see through and beyond what appears on the surface’
(Chloe – Student)

‘Carole has a great sense of humour
– I looked forward to the lectures every week and made sure I never missed one’

(Simon – Engineer)

‘Enjoyable course – had great fun with a lovely group of people’
(Jennifer – Retired Home Care Assistant)

‘Enjoyed all of it.  Well put together.  Good balance – humour, discussion and theory’
(Helen – Administration Manager)

‘Great group of people to learn around, small group ideal for me.  I felt very comfortable’
(Nicky – Learning Support Assistant)

‘I have had a ball.  Would love to attend any future courses – atmosphere in classroom really great, subject fascinating on many levels – wish the course was longer’
(Lisa – Trainee Therapist)

‘An extensive variety of subjects covered – great class discussions – psychologically stimulating’
(Robert – Forensics Enthusiast)

‘I have learned so much on this course that should have been obvious, but wasn’t before now – there really are too many things to list. Thank you’
(Linda – Further Education Student)

 ‘Excellent class size, allows for interpersonal relationships.
A course suitable for all people from different backgrounds that is challenging yet enjoyable.

Don’t be afraid to try it’
(Pete – Police Officer)

‘I enjoyed everything. Interesting, wonderful venue – looking forward to the next course’
(Penny – Educational Administrator)

‘As ever, Carole has made this course most varied and informative. Thank you’
(Paul – City Analyst)

‘Everyone should attend these workshops, these are really useful
insights that I wish I had known earlier in my life’
(Marcus – Accountant)

‘Engaging, entertaining, instructive and great value’
(Richard – Hospitality Analyst)

‘Thankyou, thoroughly enjoyed the workshop’
(Dean – Supervisor)

‘A thoroughly enjoyable way of learning’
(Karen – Marketing Consultant)

‘A really insightful three-week programme.
I see and understand the world more clearly now’
(Saffron – Life Coach)

‘Carole is a lovely teacher, always willing to listen to what you have to say and was a pleasure to learn from – always makes you feel welcome’
(Jody – Homemaker, and Mum)

‘Excellent presentation.  Well Done and Thankyou’
(Vera – Retired)

‘Really fascinating – please record your words on audio
– I want to listen to what you just said all over again’
(Mary – Legal Services)

‘Psychology affects all parts of our lives and we can all do well to learn more about it’
(Joanne – Supervisor)

‘Two hours incredibly well spent.  Cannot wait to start using these tools.
Really powerful stuff.  Thank you.
(Josh – Systems Analyst)

‘Many light-bulb moments and great clarification by Carole on some previously difficult to understand concepts’
(Stephanie – Probation Assistant)

‘Love the Jack the Ripper lecture.  Lots of facts and fast moving’
(June – Retired)

‘Right pace of learning, informative, interesting – don’t change a thing about it – perfect.  Thank you – so very enjoyable – would recommend it’
(Emma – Office Manager)

‘Really enjoyed the course, which enabled me to think more into a career in criminal forensics in the future’
(Rebecca – Secondary Education Student)

‘Carole Sawo is an excellent teacher and made the course so very interesting and fun’
(Jennifer – Office Assistant)


From the Children …

We all respect and listen to her” (Christopher 18)

“It’s the quietest class in school, but we can say everything that we want to”. (Francesca 16)

“Carole Sawo is the best teacher I’ve had”. (Rebecca 15)

“Anyone who has this teacher is very lucky and will do very well”. (Michael 16)

“She gives us brilliant answers to our questions and explains things really clearly.
Carole Sawo has been a brilliant teacher and has made Psychology so enjoyable”. (Billy 18)

“She is really calm, an atmosphere is created that you don’t get in other lessons”. (Daniel 16)

“She is really prepared and organised”. (Chantelle 16)

“She always listens and makes the lessons fun.  She helps us to learn so much and wants us all to do well”. (Grace 15)

“She explains things really well, in a way that we understand”. (Matt 15)

“She doesn’t stress you out or get angry.  Her voice is never raised”. (Joshua 16)

“Comfortable teacher to talk to or ask advice – a good role model”. (Abigail 17)

“I wish every teacher was like her”. (Alice 15)