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The mind, often referred to as the seat of human consciousness, is a truly fascinating enigma.  Within the psyche resides our unconscious impulses, perceptual abilities, animal instincts, beliefs, memories, dreams, and innermost desires.  With unparalleled perception into the interior universe, author, lecturer, energy & pattern theorist Carole Sawo, teaches across the disciplines to explain not only what happens in the mind, but why?  Hebe College has been thoughtfully created for anyone wishing to explore, navigate and comprehend the intriguing realms of the inner intellect.

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Study In Class 2019 – 2020

Attend courses and seminars in relaxing, stunning locations, to begin or continue to explore all aspects of the mind.

Forensic Psychology For Beginners
Psychological Mechanisms Of Defence
An Evening Of Ghosts
Forensic Psychology 3
The Psychology Of Depression
Create The Life You Want
Child Psychology
Introduction To Psychology 1.
Animal Whispering
Masterclasses In Psychoanalysis
Spirituality for Beginners
Introduction To Psychology 2.
Emotional Intelligence
Introduction To Philosophy
Criminal Profiling

Study Online

Enrol from the convenience of wherever you are, in online seminars & courses in Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Spirituality, Personal Development & Relationships.

A Peaceful Mind
Anxiety & The Way To Beat It
Panic Attacks & How To Manage Them
The Psychology Of Depression
Dream Analysis
Thought Alchemy
Developing Intuition
How To Get Over Your Ex
Subconscious Food Habits of Thin People
How To Write A Book

Books by Carole

Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art

Primarily discussing the fundamental archetypal pattern in perpetual motion within the psyche, Carole Sawo draws on artwork and fairytale (such as the Wizard of Oz) as interpretive metaphor for the human mind.   Within Pandora’s Panacea, Carole describes beautifully the path of associative psycho-spiritual development with emotional experiences indicative of the internal evolutions of consciousness.

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De-Cluttering the Mind 

Utilising an everyday framework of reference, Carole Sawo combines her incredible sense of humour with her refreshingly grounded approach to achieving great psychology health, all in order to provide this unique opportunity to declutter and re-energise your mind.

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