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The human mind is a truly fascinating enigma.  Invisible to the naked eye, within the psyche resides our perceptual abilities, states of consciousness, memories, amazing creativity, unconscious impulses, and incredibly powerful imagination.  It is an interior landscape that many have yet to explore!

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“You will win all of your external battles, the moment you win your internal one
                                                                              Carole Sawo

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by Carole Sawo

 Carole On Your Mind ~ Confirmation Biases

Decoding the Tabula Rasa

Affairs in the Workplace

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Anxiety & The Way To Beat It!

Forensic Psychology Series

The Psychology of Depression

Developing Intuition

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Books by Carole Sawo

Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art

“… and as the lock turned Pandora opened the box.  Not out of disobedience, curiosity, naivety or ignorance, but in faith, fortitude, wisdom and love”.

Primarily discussing the fundamental archetypal pattern in perpetual motion within the psyche, Carole Sawo draws on artwork and fairytale (such as the Wizard of Oz) as interpretive metaphor for the human mind.   Within Pandora’s Box, Carole describes beautifully the path of associative psycho-spiritual development with emotional experiences indicative of an internal evolution of consciousness;  together with the predictable trials, tribulations and eventual expansion of a mind in transition ~ making normal that which is contemporarily thought abnormal.

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De-Cluttering the Mind 

Is your head in a constant whirl?    Are you tearful, forgetful, feeling stressed and overwhelmed?   Have you just got too much going around in your mind?   Or have you gotten yourself into a mind-spin that seems impossible to get out of?    If so ‘De-Cluttering the Mind’ is a must for you – it has the capacity to restore and renew the way you view your life, your mind and yourself.

Utilising a humorous approach and an everyday framework of reference, Carole Sawo has brilliantly combined her incredible sense of humour with her refreshingly grounded approach to psychology and spiritual development, all in order to provide this unique opportunity to navigate the interior of your mind – de-cluttering and re-energising as you go. 

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