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Love From A Distance
BY CAROLE SAWO  [19/9/23]

Everyone on Earth is in the middle of a lesson in Love.   In researching the philosophy of love, I went to a very old library, smelling as knowledge stored in antiquity should do, of dust mites and parchment papers.  Along a shelf seemingly long forgotten by the world, I stumbled on a very old and dusty book by one of the more enlightened authors of the past.  The reading was wise and wonderful.  The afternoon hours slipped quickly into evening.

As the night lights in the library automated, I turned finally to the back page of the book. And there, to my surprise, on the last page between discoloured old paper and the hardback cover, was a poem written in pencil.  It was a love poem.  Intrigued I read it.  Just a few lines waiting for the right person to find it.  It was a magical poem.  A mystical poem. The most loving and true-to-the-heart words I’d ever read.  The contents, patiently waiting to be found, were surely for my heart to feel, but I share the sentiments with you here.  Love waits in full knowledge that each of us can behave in whatever way we choose to.  But it lives in ethereal realms in hope that we will choose to return.  Not to become lost in consciousness, or the decaying in this world.  But to return to where it all began, in the subconscious garden of Eden.

Love is that one priceless emotion that has the capacity of restoration, protection, and strength when it comes, and also the ability to hurt when it is gone.  Up close, human love often comes with conditions and attachments.  Some people have a shopping list of expectations for their partners to behave in a particular way.  But love, real unconditional love, is not like that.  It waits, patiently, and never misses a trick.  Whilst it’s always nice to receive an expression of love in our direction.  Sometimes real love, spiritual love, is that which we find not in observable close proximity, but in faith that even when we cannot see, love continues to exist for us, pure, untouched, and ever-lasting.  From a distance.

Carole Sawo [19/9/23]

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