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Love & Passion

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright

 Lord Byron

Love is a phenomenal emotion. But in our limited human consciousness, it is just that, a transient emotion.  It’s only a wonder that anyone thinks they can sell or buy love, and that real love is full on all of the time.  Like all other emotions, love passes through the mind and the heart like birds in the air, and it is only equalled in its passionate content to its polar opposite, hate. It is possible to love and hate the same person at the same time. In truth, hate is a cover emotion, and is not true in its form.  It is fear in disguise.  Not just to the fear of loving, of being vulnerable in that way, but the fear of losing that which we love.  The intensity of our attachment to the other person, described in analysis as a love object, and learned mostly in childhood, dictates how much of our heart and mind also has the propensity to be completely lost in them.  And often devastated without them.  All this, however, is conditional love.  And when love is conditioned, it fails like all other contrived structures of logic.

Unconditional love, for the human mind programmed by demand and expectation in this world, is difficult for us humans to achieve.  And so we need to go higher.  In a higher love, we stand back from our desires and passions, even if we really want them, and we just observe and admire that which the other person is and has the capacity to become.  Love is always in the small things.  The seemingly insignificant passing comments and deeds of others with no attachment.  And it feels good to love in this way.  Even should our desires not be requited, we have still the opportunity to grow out of that situation.

Relationships are the easiest thing to get into, and the hardest thing to get out of.  Along with the entirety of human consciousness, however, relationships are changing.  Many people seem now confused in the winds of change.  But change we must.  If we are to love unconditionally, we need to grow up.  Maturation means that we take responsibility for the parts of ourselves that need to grow, at the same time, not project them on to others.  In all that our external and internal world is going through in this next chapter, there still remains hope.  Hope that in the filtering of that which is outdated and will fall away, along with that which comes forward and will grow, we, as humans, still have the essential capacity to love, in many different ways.  And to still feel love, even in the apparent absence of another.  In someone’s eyes, we may see that unconditional love returned.  But when we open our inner eye, that is when we can really feel the alchemical power of divine love.  That’s when we remember, we are not only loved.  We are love.

[Published 4/12/22]

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