The Psychology of Depression


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Throughout life, it is common for everyone’s feelings to ebb and flow, especially as life events and circumstances change, but in depression, those feelings persist over time. Depression is a condition that affects many people, either directly, or indirectly.  Symptoms include a loss of interest in pleasurable things, irritability, apathy, and an overall sense of being down. Managing depression is made more difficult when sufferers do not understand their experience, do not have the right information, have nowhere else to turn but to outdated medical models, know how to manage it effectively themselves, or find a way out of the fog. 

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The most important thing to realise about the condition called depression is that it is the name given to a set of symptoms only, but this does not explain the cause, nor does it empower people with how to manage it or recover altogether.  The predominant approach is to medicalise the symptoms, however, in this truly life-changing opportunity to watch Carole Sawo deliver the entire lecture on The Psychology of Depression to a live audience, you will learn about the real 13 causes and triggers of depression (with only one of those causes being biological), and discover the one factor that underpins all types of depression. 

Why Study the Psychology of Depression?

This lecture begins with an overview of the definitions, terminology, and traditional categorisations of depression.  Within this unique and specially recorded event, Carole Sawo comprehensively explains information from neuroscience, psychology, psychoanalysis, personal development, and evolutionary psychology, together with a completely new approach in perspective.  In full discussion are the invisible, yet powerful internal and external influences of the development of symptoms, and the simple, workable strategies for management and recovery.

Topics Covered in this Lecture; 

    • Definitions & descriptions of symptoms
    • The common problems that prevent recovery
    • Biological, Psychological, Psychoanalytic & Sociological Approaches
    • The effects of neurological habit formation & memory triggers
    • Self-fulfilling prophecies in development & recovery
    • Seasonal Affective Disorder in Spring & Autumn
    • The real 13 causes of depression
    • Everyday practical strategies for management & recovery

Personal Interests & Career Development

The Psychology of Depression is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to understand the real causes of depression, for those who would like to develop a much broader understanding and a different perspective, for carers, family members, or for anyone who wants to learn a range of unique yet simple, practical strategies for everyday management, increased energy, and recovery.  The knowledge presented in this lecture can be applied to a range of professional settings, such as;

    • Therapeutic Clinics
    • Health & Social Care
    • Psychological Study in Higher Education
    • Parental & Family Services 
    • Therapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy
    • Personal Wellbeing & Development

    How it Works

    This live lecture is taught by an accredited lecturer in Psychoanalysis.  After purchase, media is downloaded directly to your mobile or computer device, where you have unlimited lifetime access & replay, with no login necessary.  

      • Video Media [Total recording 1:40:00 hours]
      • Taught by a Professionally Accredited Lecturer in Psychoanalysis
      • No previous experience or formal pre-course requirements
      • Learn at your own pace, with replay facility
      • Download directly to your mobile or computing device
      • Unlimited Lifetime Access, No login required
      • Study Method: Self-Study by Distance Learning
      • Fee:  £25

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    People’s Reviews;

    ‘I can honestly say that after years of struggling, my life completely changed for the better due entirely to something Carole said’ ~ Dean

    ‘I’ve been to lots of other developmental courses but I never found anything like this.  I’ve learned more in one hour with Carole than on all the other events put together – thanks so much’ ~ Wendy

    ‘This lecture is amazing.  Anyone suffering or working with people who have depression should definitely watch this’ ~ Claire

    ‘I work with people who have depression.  Your information is so valuable that I am taking it back with me and sharing it with my clients’ ~ Gill

    ‘The tips for recovery are incredible, and really work – thank you’ ~ Ian

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