Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that researches the nature of reality and the origins of the universe. In observable reality, philosophers and great thinkers consider the concept of time, and of our being, specifically, whether we are beings within time, or beings who exist outside of time, of more spiritual origins?  If so, then where do we begin or end, if we do, and is that beginning and ending in a spiritual realm, beyond the confinements of science and the world of physical being?

The branch of psychological research that explores psychic phenomena and abilities beyond scientific parameters, is known as parapsychology, and it is here that we enter the often uncanny, seemingly unfathomable, yet perfectly synchronistic world of that which exists beyond the physical in spirituality. Spirituality is very different from religion, for example, religions have hierarchies, doctrine, symbols, rituals, ceremonies, and rules, whereas spirituality has none of these things.  Perhaps the best distinction to make is that religion is for groups of people, whereas spirituality is for the individual and can perhaps be better described as the individual pursuit for a re-connection with a spiritual being greater than ourselves. 

The process of spiritual development, often misunderstood by many, will invariably require your own self-reflection, homework, and discipline.  Spiritual enquiry and progression go hand-in-hand, which can sometimes come as a surprise to those who would rather not reflect that deeply, but explore with enthusiasm the many aspects of rising psychic abilities, colour spectrums, and healing practices.  Perhaps it may be explained in that everything that has life is of energy and as we explore beyond the visible world, the old layers of human and conscious misperceptions about ourselves, fall away in perfect synchronicity.  The metaphysical, spiritual universe is indeed fascinating, and truly amazing, but it is a landscape that needs careful navigation and guidance.  The classes and courses available at Hebe College, have been specially created for anyone beginning, or further developing their spiritual enquiries and practices in the invisible realm.

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