Metaphysics is a combination of disciplines that researches the nature of reality and the origins of the universe in pursuit of the truth. In observable reality, philosophers and great thinkers consider the concept of time, and of our being, specifically, whether we are beings within time, or beings who exist outside of time, of more spiritual origins?  If so, then where do we begin or end, if we do, and is that beginning and ending beyond the confinements of logical science and the world of physical being?   In that case, then outside of, and before physical matter, we must have existed purely as consciousness. 

Today, while many pursue the concept of mindfulness, they are also becoming lost in a sea of philosophical thinking and existential experiences ‘outside of the physical body’.  In its proper conception, mindfulness is not a modern movement, but an ancient principle found in Buddhism that means not to become more ‘conscious’, but to become more aware, more present in the moment.   It has for too many years been the case, that in man’s pursuit of ‘intelligence’ and consciousness, and his perhaps egoistic need to ‘prove’ his existence, that he has journeyed too far away from his original conscious form. 

The mind cannot simply be considered as separate components of conscious and unconscious (or subconscious) states.  Both Freud and Jung recognised another component of mind.  For Freud, it was termed the pre-conscious barrier.  Jung also described individual and collective states of consciousness.  Putting both Freudian and Jungian theories together, with other extensive reading, research, and introspection, Carole Sawo has not only identified seven levels of consciousness, but is currently the only pioneer in the field of consciousness to produce a two-dimensional topographical map of the metaphysical mind, and is the only teacher of the mind leading people out of the 3rd dimension of programmed thinking, into a 4th dimension of super conscious comprehension. 

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