Developing Intuition

Great detectives, scientists, and artists use intuition every day.  Traditionally, the common senses of perception include taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound, however, humans do have a sixth sense, and that is intuition.  As with psychic ability, intuition is not a gift, bestowed on special people.  It’s an ancient method of perceptual communication that is innate in everyone. Operating outside of the logical, testable human consciousness, some people grow out of their belief in a 6th sense and forget how to access their own intuition.  While for others, they continue to utilise this highly valuable skill well into adulthood. 

Animals naturally use intuition and heightened senses throughout their life, and we too still have animal brain.  Intuition is one of humankind’s better psychological tools, and a radar to help us navigate the ever-changing world in which we live.  This unusual exploration into metaphysics begins with an overview of the invisible mechanisms of intuition in relation to states of consciousness and awareness.   Included, are teachings on how to access, develop, and practice using intuition in everyday life, to help you navigate your choices and decisions, increase awareness and improve your ability to communicate with your intuition. 

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Developing Intuition is highly recommended for anyone wishing to access, reignite and develop their own natural intuition for personal interests or professional development.  Learn where to locate intuition within the body, build a range of techniques for increasing awareness, and learn the art of practically utilising intuition to help inform your life decisions, even in the absence of logical, observable information.

Topics Covered; 

∞   Integration of intuitive information into the conscious mind
∞   Preparing the self for increasing intuitive awareness
∞   Where to locate intuition in the body
∞   Learn strategies for accessing your internal wisdom
∞   Avoid the pitfalls of ego spiritualisation
∞   Understand the difference between intuition and psychic ability
∞   Utilise intuition to help with decision making
∞   Develop your own ‘gut trust’
∞   Discover how to get in touch with your internal Wise Man Archetype
∞   Move through energy blocks for optimum energetic health
∞   Implement exercises for developing your intuition
∞   Develop discernment of internal information
∞   Learn how to utilise your intuition in everyday experience

People’s Reviews;

‘This was a real eye-opener – all of them!’

‘Very useful tips for reconnecting with my intuition given.  Even during the seminar, I was suddenly getting intuitive hits.  Seemed like something cleared just by learning about it?’

‘Recommend this seminar.  There’s nothing else like it.  Really enjoyed it.’

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