Child Psychology

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Adult life, our behaviour, and the way we perceive the world, is fundamentally shaped by our early experiences and attachments in our informative years, which go on to form the blueprint for our adult relationships.  From birth, babies are encoding information about their environments, but when does life really begin?  Is it from birth, or can sensations, emotions and experiences be felt in the womb?  And if so, is that when memory begins to develop?  After a baby is born, learning begins in the apparent absence of language, but what happens inside the baby’s developing brain and mind?  Exploring the area of child psychology addresses these important questions.  In our observations and personal experiences we can monitor the behaviour of a developing baby into adolescence, and onward, into adult behaviours and relationships.

Who is this course for?

Offering a full understanding of child development from conception into adult life, this two-part course, available in either audio or video format, offers an excellent foundation for anyone wishing to learn about core principles and theories in child psychology at their own pace. Uniquely combining comprehensive information from psychological and psychoanalytical studies, by taking this course you will learn about the important psychological stages of development, the evolving psychological world of the newborn baby from prenatal experience into adolescence, Bowlby’s highly influential Attachment Theory,  Piaget’s theories on Learning & Egocentrism, Parent-Child Relationship Formation, Play Therapy & Symbolism, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Sex Identity & Gender Formation, Freud’s Psychosexual Stages of Development, Self-fulfilling Life Scripts, Ego Formation, and the essential ingredients for healthy child psychological & emotional development and stability.

Course Content

Lesson 1:   When Life Begins
Prenatal & Perinatal Experience, Womb Memory, Attachment Theory, Privation, Deprivation & Institutionalisation, Day-Care Studies, Language Formation & Communication.

Lesson 2:   Cognitive Development 
Early Years Development, Gender & Sex Identity, Learning Theory, Psychosexual Model of Development, Play Therapy & Symbolism, Essential Ingredients for Child Stability & Development.

Topics Covered;

    • Comprehensive and complete insight into prenatal & child psychology
    • An in-depth overview of core studies in early years psychological development
    • Research into Ethology & Foetal Memory
    • Bowlby’s Attachment Theory 
    • Freud’s Internal Working Model 
    • Short & Long-Term Effects of Birth Trauma
    • How babies and young children learn about their environment
    • Effects of Deprivation & Institutionalisation on Cognitive Development
    • Language Development & Pre-linguistic Communication
    • Piaget’s Theory of Egocentrism & Cognitive Development
    • The Importance of Symbolism in Play Therapy
    • Gender & Sex Identity Formation
    • Parent & Child Relationships
    • Essential ingredients for healthy child psychological & emotional development & stability

Personal Interest & Careers in Psychology

This two-part course is highly recommended for general interest, for parents, students of psychology, and anyone working with babies, children, adolescents, and adults; who wish to develop a complete understanding of child psychology, and apply the learning to home, school, workplace & other professional settings, such as;

    • Childcare, Early Years, & Nursery placements
    • Parental Care & Understanding
    • Medical/Infant Care for Babies and Young Children
    • Playgroups, Education and Learning Centres
    • Child Therapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy
    • Working with Children & Young Adults
    • Youth Services, Social Care, & Community Centres
    • Foster Care, Transitions & Adolescent Relationships

How it Works

This two-part course, taught by a professionally qualified lecturer and academically awarded analyst in child psychology, is downloaded directly to your mobile or computer device, where you have unlimited lifetime access & replay with no login necessary.  You may select this course, in either audio or video format, purely for personal interest purposes.  After completion, however, you have the option to apply for Certification for your Personal Curriculum Vitae, or Continual Professional Development (CPD) portfolios, by the submission of a brief online test of your knowledge gained.

    • Audio or Video Tutorials [total hours recordings 2:35:00]
    • Taught by a Professionally Qualified Lecturer in Psychology
    • Learning by Self Study at your own pace and convenience
    • Tutorial covers all concepts & theories in mainstream education
    • No previous experience or pre-course requirements needed
    • Download directly to your mobile or computing device
    • No login or internet access required
    • Unlimited Lifetime Access & Unlimited Replay Facility
    • Certification available for Personal Portfolios & CPD
    • Your Choice: Entire Audio Course £28, or, Entire Video Course £39

People’s Reviews;

“Thank you for such an in-depth and interesting course again. It was so fascinating how so much is linked, and I found a better understanding of my own child’s psychology” ~ Danny

“Fantastic course, videos are so professional, and I can go back and re-watch it again.  Online study is working well around family, thank you” ~ Penny

“Especially loved the lesson on Attachment Theory, that I’ll keep in mind as I bring up my own child.  It’s made me look at babies in a completely different way.  Thank you so much” ~ Rebecca

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