Stories & Scripts

‘The meaning of life is to discover what is true, through the observation and introspection of what is not’.
Carole Sawo

What is the story of your life?  Do we actually live in stories, or do stories live in us?   What is written in books by other authors, often resounds with our own experiences.  In the mirror of the other, we can often see ourselves.  Is it that our life, a seemingly random existence of chance, fate, opportunities, and destiny, is just a continual experience in time, or is there order within the often unexpected chaos?  In the books of our lives we can see echoes of behaviour dating back to ancient mythological parables, but what can we learn about the nature of our reality from them?   Are we really awake in our lives, or is this collective consciousness just an Adamic Dream?

Discover the fascinating world of the human mind …