Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination.

From observations in social psychology, stereotyping is described as an oversimplified generalised belief about a group, and the people we subconsciously ascribe to it.  Often misunderstood as one thing, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination are three different mind behaviours, but why do some people classify and judge others?

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In this highly illuminating module, included as part of a series of lessons on the Introduction to Psychology course, a full spotlight is focused, not only on observable human behaviours, but uniquely, on the unconscious biases that motivate them. Beginning with clear definitions and descriptions of the three separate mind behaviours, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination, you will learn about research in psychology that explores the age that stereotyping begins and why people do it?  With discussion on highly influential studies in social psychology, including Tajfel’s Social Identity Theory and Sherif’s ‘Robber’s Cave’ experiment, you will discover the exact thought processes that cause discrimination, competition and in-group/out-group behaviour.  You will also learn about the strategies for reducing discrimination, and uncover a ground-breaking theory that underpins the real root causes of discrimination and racism, developed by the psychoanalyst presenting this module. 

For anyone who really wants to understand why people judge, exclude, hate and even harm those who they perceive as belonging to another group.  By taking this module you will develop a much greater awareness of unconscious psychological processes, mind biases and group dynamics, and how to overcome them.  The information presented can be applied to improve interactions with others, to develop more harmonious relationships, and a deeper understanding of human behaviour, for your personal and professional progression.

Module Content:~

    • Definitions and descriptions of stereotyping, prejudice & discrimination
    • Exploration of evolutionary psychology
    • When and why we stereotype others
    • Cultural differences in social behaviour
    • Studies in early years child development
    • Workplace discrimination and Equality Acts
    • Analysis of Tajfel’s Social Identity Theory
    • Ingroup-outgroup biases and behaviour
    • Sherif’s ‘Robbers Cave’ Experiment
    • Strategies for reducing stereotyping, prejudice & discrimination
    • Ground-breaking theory of the root cause of racism and discrimination

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‘Carole is an excellent tutor and explains things fully.  We are so fortunate to be offered these
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I have definitely learned a lot’

(Val – Retired)

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the course + has given me the spark to learn more’
(Angela ~ HR Assistant)

‘As a student, it has opened my eyes about the world, as well as supporting my studies and giving me a greater depth of knowledge’
(Jane ~ Customer Relations)

Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination.
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Download straight to your device now, & learn at your own pace!

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