Learning Theories

How do we learn?   What does it mean to have learned, is it simply the storing of information in the mind? Is everyone capable of learning and what is the role of intelligence in the acquisition of knowledge?   In the presence or absence of role models, what is our primary motivator for learning anything at all?

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This module on Learning Theories is just one of the lessons taught on the Introduction to Psychology course. Beginning in experimental psychology, you will learn about our different learning styles, the process of conditioning on the animal and human brain, the impact of our family and environment on what and how we learn, the transfer, or extinguishing of learning over time, and the impact on our behaviour of social observation, reinforcement and rewards, and environmental influences in everyday experiences.

This module is highly recommended for anyone working with and teaching children, adults, and even animals, and those wishing to learn how to tailor teaching plans for individual learning styles and optimal student outcomes. By taking this module, you will discover how we learn and acquire knowledge, and how it influences the way in which we behave.  Especially useful for anyone interested in developing greater awareness, for general interest, professional development, or application to learning environments.  This module offers an excellent opportunity to develop core comprehension of our internal psychological processes, the impact of cognitive conditioning on our behaviour, the development of phobias, addictions, and social learning theories of psychological development, which will enable you to identify your own learning style, and enhance brain development and life experiences.

Module Content:~

    • Definitions and examples of learning in the brain – and mind
    • Different styles of learning & retaining information over time
    • Behavioural, Social and Psychodynamic Psychological theories 
    • Evolutionary Theory & Preparedness 
    • Pavlov experiments, Classical Conditioning & everyday experience
    • Case Study ‘Little Albert’ on phobias, fear conditioning & experimental ethics
    • Schedules of Reinforcement & Addiction Conditioning
    • Generalisation, Discrimination & Spontaneous Recovery
    • Skinner & Thorndike’s Law of Effect
    • Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement & Punishment
    • Bandura experiments, Social Learning Theory & Role Modelling
    • Psychodynamic motivators of learning

People’s Reviews;

‘Most enjoyable.  I was able to apply the lessons in class to life outside.
Brilliant. Attend these courses!!!’

(Brian – Mature Student)

‘Carole has changed my whole outlook on learning.  I feel I can accomplish anything I want now, my mindset is now a growth mindset!  Thank you’
(Gemma – Pastoral Assistant)

I will definitely suggest your courses to my friends and some of my clients’
(Sonia ~ Therapist)

Learning Theories
~Video Media [50:00] minutes
Download straight to your device now, & learn at your own pace!

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