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Symbols are typically described as images that represent or signify a thing, quality, or directive.  The image stands in the place of something else.  As a form of communicating, between the emblem and the perceiver, decoding symbolism is in itself a language.  It is an ancient primordial form of transmitting information between two mediums.  

For centuries, people have studied cave paintings, the symbols imprinted on the walls that were created from tribal origin, even before or outside of the use of recognised verbal language.  For many years explorers considered that cave paintings were just a collection of images that were perceived in the hunter’s eye.  Today even, the concept that they are incredible maps evades many.  

More recently, the study of Egyptian hieroglyphs recognises sequences of images as formal writing systems.  A language that not only communicates between writer and perceiver in this world, but between student and guardian in another.  In the study of symbolism we find signs, images, and symbols that guide us on our journey, often imparted to us in a primordial language beneath the level of conscious awareness.  Spoken non-verbally, perhaps, from one soul to another.

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