The Subconscious Food Habits of Thin People

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We spend so much time and money on trying to enjoy life and be healthy and slim.  In a fast world with even faster food, some busy people really don’t have that much time between working hours and sleeping hours.  Our weight can fluctuate from high to low and then return to high again.  It’s an exhausting roller-coaster ride of cream cakes and guilt, of tight clothes and tears, that we would all rather not have to endure.  The solution, however, is not found in the gym or on endless diet sheets, but right where the original programming was formed in the first place – in the subconscious mind.

Habits can override our will-power!

Being overweight and feeling unable to do anything about it, is a horrible predicament.  Even if there are serious medical reasons for us to lose weight, why is it that so many of us have such enormous difficulty with regulating food and the impact it has on our body?  Some people yo-yo diet, even try starvation only to discover that over time, all the weight that was lost has returned and we are left to beat ourselves up again.  When we know that too much sugar is not good for us, that processed foods contain unknown preservatives and chemicals, watching our diet is not a question of our conscious intelligence.  So what is it a question of?

Habits, at the neurological level, are clusters of brain cells that store information and details we have learned about the world.  Just like learning to drive a car, once firmly in place, we carry out habitual behaviours apparently on auto-pilot, and it is these Subconscious Food Habits that trigger our eating behaviour.  And what’s more;

The habits that are running in our subconscious mind are so hard-wired that we find it virtually impossible to change them with only our will power, which is, after all, nothing more than our conscious thoughts spoken into air.  Soft wishes have no power against hard wiring.

 ‘Your body is not your enemy, it’s just the result of all of your habits

When motivation and will-power aren’t enough, we need to explore how it is that some people seem to stay so thin, even when they appear to eat as much as everyone else. 

The answer is that it all boils down to our pre-set neurological programmes, our subconscious, automatic behaviours that we are rarely even aware of, that make up our SUBCONSCIOUS FOOD HABITS.

Carole Sawo is an experienced analyst of the mind and human behaviour, with a very sharp eye on what really motivates our behaviour.  Having identified 15 essential psychological food habits of naturally thin people, Carole Sawo points to the first powerful motivator – Parental Approval.

In many cases, cake has been associated with a good feeling,
not necessarily because of the sugar, but because of the approval,
and it was done before we were five years old.

Every time we reach outward for a cake, it might still be in an attempt to reach inward for parental approval; to calm our anxiety that someone, somewhere is disapproving of us.  Internalising harsh words in childhood can lead to us repeating those harsh words to ourselves in adulthood. Whenever we feel like a failure, the old programming put into place all those years ago starts to play out – that to get approval, to feel better, to reduce the anxiety, we have to eat the cake.

What’s included ;

    • Learn about the Supermarket Super Habits?
    • The Food Focus Effect & how can you overcome it?
    • Discover what influence the silent yet powerful Inner Child has over your behaviour
    • How to eat fast food for busy people
    • What is the Biscuit Benchmark?
    • How to overcome emotional eating?
    • Explore why what happens in the gym doesn’t stay in the gym
    • Re-programme restaurant food habits

People’s Reviews;

‘To think I spent years on yo-yo diets when all along it was about seeing food and my relationship with it differently.  It all makes sense now’ ~ Joanna

‘From the moment I read the ‘biscuit benchmark’ I realised that I didn’t need to beat myself up over food anymore, or feel guilty.  I feel under control for the first time in ages’ ~ Edward

‘It’s like the weight has literally been lifted – thank you so much Carole’ ~ Janet

Free your mind from subconscious food programming today
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