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Mythology is the study of myths or stories from ancient Greece or Rome.  Sometimes referred to as folklore or fables, they are anything but fantastical tales created in the imagination.   The word ‘mythology’ is from Greek, that translates as, ‘stories of the people’.  Narratives told of the often heroic acts of gods and demi-gods that embody beliefs in their deeper meaning.

In the study of mythology, however, we discover that the sacred tales explaining the world’s narrative still have contemporary value.  Within the description of the story is hidden a truth that applies not only to ancestral gods but to our archetypal structures today – the demigods that reside in the unconscious part of the mind, that play out in our modern-day stories. 

In mythology, we read great tales of expeditions undertaken in the pursuit of truth or war, but in the careful analysis of the ‘para-story’, the language beneath what is immediately perceived, are the clues to not only the origin of man but the destiny of all mankind.