Sex & Gender

Sex and gender are two different things, but what defines them?  Are we definable?  In an ever-changing world view of personal identity, never before has our descriptions and beliefs about our individual sexual identity and our gender identity and preferences been so openly discussed, and privately enquired.  Why then, are people still confused about these important concepts?

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Beginning in child psychology and early years development, with clear descriptions and distinctions of sex and gender, in this single module, taught as part of the Introduction to Psychology course, you will learn about the biological factors in foetal development, genetic inheritance, psychological influences in early years development, gender schema formation, and social-psychological theories.  Taking a much deeper look at psychoanalytic (psycho-sexual) aspects of sex identity, you will also be introduced to an entirely new theory of homosexual development and gender identity, by the psychoanalyst presenting this module, who highlights the true age that gender identity may begin to be formulated. 

For anyone curious about improving their understanding for personal interests, for students of psychology, for anyone living or working in professional settings where a deeper level of knowledge would facilitate better communication and relationships, or for anyone wishing to acquire more information in order to make considered life decisions, by taking this module you will develop a much greater awareness of the biological and psychological influences on our sex and gender identity development.

Module Content:~

    • Clear definitions and distinctions of sex and gender
    • Biological factors in gender development
    • Chromosomes & foetal development
    • Definition of Androgyny
    • Gender Identity Disorder
    • Psychological case studies in gender development
    • A new psychoanalytic theory of gender identity
    • Gender Schema Theory & schema formation
    • Individual differences in gender development
    • Observational and Sociological influences
    • Psychosexual stages of development

People’s Reviews;

‘Really important topic!  Well taught, thanks’
(Shaun – Engineer)

‘My whole life revolves around work or my family – lovely to escape and learn something just for me’
(Anne-Marie – Homemaker, and Mum)

‘Enjoyable course’
(Jennifer – Retired Home Care Assistant)

Sex & Gender
~ Video Media [45:00] minutes
Download straight to your device now, & learn at your own pace!

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