Through The Eyes Of An Analyst

Are you a secret people watcher?   Are you fascinated by the observations you make of others in everyday life?   And would you like to know, and learn about the real subtext beneath interactions, and how to read it?   

Through the Eyes of an Analyst, is a collection of intriguing articles written by an experienced analyst in human behaviour, that reveals such a window into the unconscious behaviours of others.  Explaining the difference between what is seen and what is unseen, Carole Sawo BSc (Hons) MA offers unique insights into the real motivators of others, bringing readers awareness to the symbolic language in non-verbal communication that goes beyond body language.

Describing real-life encounters, in-depth observational analysis, and the humour to be found in people-watching, this opportunity to see life ‘Through the Eyes of an Analyst’, is a highly entertaining and enlightening read. 

Preview Contents:   

Introduction:    Observation, Unconscious Behaviour & People-Watching

Article 1:        Charming People

Article 2:        On Love & Grief in Reality

Article 3:        You Must be Joking!

Article 4:        Stuck on Projection

Article 5:        8 Habits of Psychologically Secure People

Article 6:        Rotating the Compass of Anxiety

Article 7:        Chip Psychology

Article 8:        A Sociopath on Social Media

Article 9:        Wicked Witch Syndrome

Article 10:      Why People Throw Their Friends Under the Bus

Article 11:       Oblivious

Article 12:       Real Arrogance, Fake Humility

Article 13:       Emotional Stealth Bombs

Article 14:       Duped

Article 15:       Phoenix Lives

Conclusion:     People in the Mirror

Readers Reviews:

“I thought I knew about people, being a watcher all these years, but then Carole lifted the veil on a whole other world that suddenly opened up.  A world in which Carole illuminates what is really going on, and sometimes, it’s astounding.  We pick up on some things intuitively, but being invited in to see through an analysts eyes is something else.  Really enjoyed the humour and insights.  The articles are perfect for bite-sized reading and reflection before bed.  I’ll never look at human relationships in the same way again.”

Connie Page – Mature Student of Life

“These articles are a very insightful and great read!  Highlighting many of the things I had witnessed, but didn’t understand what I was really looking at before.  This book has opened up a different way for me to see, and I’ll apply a deeper thinking to my both my working and personal worlds.”

Dorinda Myers – Senior Analyst


Available in ebook  £7.99