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Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour, it is about ‘what’ the mind does, how the brain functions, and how we process, organise, and store information known as stimuli in the brain. Psychology is classed as a science because whilst we cannot see inside the brain, without the use of scanners, we can objectively observe and measure the way the mind works by studying human behaviour. In experiments we monitor people’s responses to tasks, such as reasoning, calculating, recognition, word association, and memory, and from the scores or results, we can gain an idea of how people’s brains function and how their minds really work.   

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Studying psychological concepts and theories can support you in your personal and professional endeavours, and enable progression towards a career in related settings.  For anyone wishing to attain a deeper understanding of the human mind and how it works, this fully comprehensive series provides an excellent opportunity to study academic psychology, core principles, traditional and contemporary theories, and to begin or advance more extensively your knowledge of social, behavioural, cognitive, and developmental psychology.  By taking these modules, you will gain greater insight into how the mind functions, support your educational and career development, be able to apply the learning to a wide variety of settings, and learn more about how your own mind works.

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Module 1:     Brain Anatomy, Illusions & Delusions, Dyslexia, Lobes & Localisation, Brain Neurology, Neurotransmitters & SSRI’s
Module 2:     Memory, Information Processing & Multi-Store Models, Millar’s Magic No7, Forgetting, Amnesia, Alzheimer’s & Dementia
Module 3:     Learning Theories, Classical/Operant Conditioning, Cognitive Psychology & Observational Learning
Module 4:     Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination, Reducing Prejudice, & the Root Cause of Racism
Module 5:     Analysis of Aggression, Evolutionary & Psychoanalytic Theories, Reducing Aggression
Module 6:     Non-Verbal Communication, Paralinguistics, How to Spot a Liar
Module 7:     Development of Personality, Temperament, Antisocial Personality Disorder
Module 8:     Social Influence, Conformity, Obedience, Deindividuation & Bystander Effect
Module 9:     Sex & Gender Identity, Foetal Development, Psychosexual Development, Gender Schema Theory
Module 10:   Psychopathology, Abnormality, Biological, Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive Theories & Therapies

Real People’s Reviews;

“Excellent study of the human mind. Highly recommend for beginners & advanced”  ~ Peter

“For anyone supporting or working with people –
Excellent course which enables you to improve analytical skills” ~ Janet

“Psychology affects all parts of our lives and we can all do well to learn more about it.  Thanks Carole” ~ Joanne

  “A comprehensive detailed course which challenged with new ideas and expands the mind.  Improved my thinking.  Great course, very enlightening” ~ Carl

“The best course I have done.  Carole’s so knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson” ~ Chloe

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