The Top 3 Behaviours of Powerfully Minded People


There are levels of ability, intelligences, and awareness of ordinary people.  There are levels of conscious states, that can only be ascended into when one has experienced and graduated a level of understanding.  Then there are people who, by contrast to those who stay focused on the grounded material realm, seem to permanently perceive in the heady heights of the transcendental.   And then there are those, highly unique, exceptionally rare individuals, that truly comprehend the extraordinary capabilities of an immensely powerful mind.

These are the top 3 secret behaviours of powerfully minded people;

1.     They will never let you know how truly powerful their mind is.
A person with an exceptionally powerful mind will never let others know because, during the course of their own experiences, they also learned that comprehending extreme levels of knowledge and perception, has the ability to cave in a mind.  Not letting others know, whose minds are yet to enquire or comprehend at high frequencies, is an act of kindness.

2.     They stay in anonymity.
We might think that powerfully minded people are the high-flying CEO’s or in the spiritual realm, those who others term ‘gifted’, that in reality are only accessing an innate ability that others have forgotten about.  No, the real gifts are found in someone who possesses unfathomable courage, relentless curiosity, and the incredible ability to figure things out in other and opposing dimensions.   And given that level of knowledge and power, the best occupation with the greatest level of anonymity might, therefore, be found in the cleaner?

3.     They have a profound understanding and respect of The Law.
An understanding of The Law doesn’t mean they read the legal books or have any interest in the social order codes of conduct.  ‘The Law’, according to a powerfully minded person, is a universal intelligence far greater than anything comprehensible to the human mind.   The laws of The Law, are learned in silent deep introspect from extraordinary experiences and powerfully minded people have also learned to respect the frazzling consequences of infringing them.