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Carole Sawo is a specialist transformative coach who embodies decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, bridging neuroscience and philosophy to empower personal growth and comprehension; enhancing self-esteem, well-being, and mental performance. Carole brings a unique ability to understand the mind with core principles that connect thoughts, feelings, actions, and progression with real world experience.

Carole’s philosophy goes beyond traditional methods, revolving around unlocking human potential and harnessing the power of the mind.  Her wealth of experience across diverse disciplines has uniquely shaped a wisdom that underpins a system renowned for delivering remarkable results. The framework, skills, traditions, and philosophy of Carole’s approach are meticulously designed to offer clients ‘undeniable transformation’.

Integrity, confidentiality, and total commitment are paramount in Carole Sawo’s Coaching, ensuring clients receive exceptional focus, attention, passion, and purpose to comprehend and achieve significant goals. The coaching platform is tailored to transform personal, academic, and business performance, equipping individuals to conquer the myriad of challenges for a work-life balance.

Discover a coaching experience that is not only insightful but extraordinarily successful. Contact Carole Sawo Coaching today to discuss one-to-one coaching, group coaching, or academic tuition, to support an incredible experience of personal and professional transformation.

Client Reviews
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‘I had been struggling for over ten years, until I had just one coaching session with Carole.  It was incredible!  Carole helped me see things very differently, and immediately I felt released.  I cannot thank her enough’     [Khrishni]

‘I attended Forensic Psychology with Carole pre-Covid and had to stop for personal reasons involving threats to my life. I will always believe that what I learned in the short time I was in class, her knowledge and insight to another’s mind saved my life. Carole is the most incredible, brave, intelligent, humble person I have ever met in my now 65 years of life. It is fascinating to hear her speak … Carole is for me already a woman ahead of her time’  [Jilly]

‘This woman is insane.  Her mind is incredible.  Everyone should book her!’     [Donna]

‘I’ve been to so many other development classes, spent hundreds of hours in workshops, but never have I heard anything like this before.  In just one hour, Carole made sense of it all, that no other coach or teacher had ever been able to help me understand before.  She is amazing’     [Jen]


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