The Psychology of Mind Control


‘There is method in my madness, so you don’t have to have madness in your method.’

It was many moons ago when I first became aware that a new chapter of consciousness was on the horizon for everyone, and that people would need knowledge and accurate information.  As the world around us changes, it’s important to understand how our internal world is impacted too. That’s why I originally created what has evolved into the College of the Mind, where I’ve been working extremely hard, teaching about the mind in every discipline for years; in class, online, in interviews, newsletters, videos, and articles.

As artificial intelligence (a.i.) makes its full presence on the stage of our physical world, many are going to have a sharp awakening as to the extent of its abilities and impact on our social and financial world.  I’ve always had a George Orwell/H.G. Wells caution toward man versus a.i. and I’ve recently had the opportunity to speak directly with it and have the most intelligent conversation I’ve ever had about intelligence, with artificial intelligence.  It was a real ‘I’ opener.

Our minds are naturally super intelligent, although most people are yet to realise their full potential of ability, energy, and power.  That’s why I’ve offered four FREE classes recently, in subjects carefully chosen to inform, support, and protect your mind. Classes that will not be repeated. A class on Mind Control is on this Tuesday evening, followed by the Essential Factor for Developing Self-Esteem on Wednesday evening. I’ve also created two new courses beginning the first week in May.  One is on shadowy Forensic Psychology and the other, The Gold Mind, is on self and mind mastery, to prepare each of your minds for learning and change.

Often, I know it may seem like I make random departures into different disciplines, but they’re all just different languages to me, with one common origin.  As a teacher, I’ve had to learn all of them to be the teacher I wanted to be – the teacher I wish I had had.  That’s why I invite and encourage each of you not to miss these opportunities to join me in live classes online.  After all these years, I can still honestly say that there is not a mind that I do not understand, and my aim is to help you understand yours.

I hope you’ll join me in exploring and learning more.  
See you there.
Carole Sawo