The Old Forest Song

by Carole Sawo

The Woodfolk all had a meeting

Mrs Bunny was really upset
Master Squirrel couldn’t find his nuts
Mr Badger had lost his set

‘Come now’, said the Magpie eventually
Sometimes we just have to let go
And remember that life will continue
Even if we might lose all we know

‘But where will we live’, cried the Bluebird
When all of the woodland has gone
‘We’ll call on the Woodsman’, said Robin
And we’ll sing him an old forest song

In the moonlight the Owl hooted softly
In the morning the Pidgeon would sing
In the evening the Blackbird chimed oftly
In the distance an old bell would ring

Through the winter the Woodfolk lit fires
In the springtime they played in the snow
After long summer days warmed the forest
By the autumn the Woodfolk did know

It had taken the fairies much longer
Because fairies still covet the teeth
But good to the word of the Robin
They called on the Woodsman beneath

Through the mist of a mystical morning
In the light of a new dawn of day
The Woodsman appeared fresh and yawning
And began to repair what had lain

‘Look’, squealed the mice with excitement
As the new shoots more firmly took hold
And just as the Toad told them often
Young trees grew to replace the old

The moral of this ancient story
Forgotten as sometimes it seems
Is that love always sings in the forest
And the deer live in old evergreens