The Golden Compass

Several shredded fingers, one blunt tile cutter, two bruised knees and lots of hours later, and … et voila, my artwork now adorns the floor of my conservatory.  The reference points I made from plumber’s lead and the leaves from cement painted gold.  The compass is positioned accurately, aligned over a natural water course and, most likely, crossing lay lines – which actually explains quite a few things!  But anyway, this golden compass fell out of the depths of my subconscious and manifested via imagination and graft into the physical realm as a reminder of how to navigate life.  But what does the golden compass mean for you?

The physical realm, earth, is the material realm.  It is the world of the 3rd dimension.  Here is where we come to experience, learn, make hopefully wise choices, and perfect our soul.  Our mind is our soul, and in it are many things.  I have often said that life is lived backwards. It’s a process of remembering who we are and removing the old programming and prior lives unlived, and all the inherited debris stored in the soul’s DNA.

Now, human beings are shifting up a level in consciousness, whether they understand individually what is happening or not, some are now entering the world of 4th dimensional thinking.  This means that some experiences may seem strange and bizarre to those in conscious transition and mind transformation.  As the veil of Maya lifts, as old illusions are seen through, new perceptions, and new ways to use our mind are going to unfold.  Eventually, I hope, human beings will realise that we have in many ways been tricked out of how powerful our mind has always been and get back in charge.  Thoughts are energy parcels.  Projection is a phenomenon.  Autosuggestion is an invisible influence that we need to be aware of.  In harnessing our thought power and using our words wisely, much of what appears in the physical world today can be changed for good.

Inside every mind, in the basement of stored memories and images, is a golden compass.  The compass essentially symbolises three things. (1) It reminds us that the external world problems cannot be solved by proceeding any further into the collective conscious for answers about our existence and reality.  (2) It is an indicator that in times of difficulty, stress, or whenever we lose our way, we are to close our external eyes and open our internal eye to receive celestial guidance.  And (3) the compass is a symbol of navigating unfamiliar and unchartered waters by reorientating psychologically and utilising our amazing intuition.

Anytime you need to navigate the internal labyrinth, or steer your way through the external world, may you always remember your golden compass.  And the Creator who loved you enough to put it there.