Symbolic Waters of the Collective Unconscious


‘When water rise and water fall,
When horsemen come to prophet’s call,
When 100 monkeys tilt thy brink,
The Earth shall move and land shall sink’

                                                         (The Prophecy ~ in Pandora’s Panacea by Carole Sawo)

Water, symbolically representative of emotion, and the activities in the unconscious, appears in many a dream.  In psychological analysis, we explore the colour, content, and movement of water as a way to understand our emotional experiences in everyday life.  By no coincidence, however, and in perfect synchronicity, water rising in our collective reality represents not just a rise in global warming, but a rise in the collective unconscious, something that I have been writing about and preparing the way for people to navigate through for years.

Whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not, the mind is evolving.  When a mind usurps, it can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.  In our lives, we look for individual explanations to account for our often strange and bizarre happenings, but in truth, we progress along a predetermined pattern of experience, that in the long run leads to our liberation.  Psychologically speaking, the shifts in mind-tides are indicative of a spiritual awakening. 

In original recognition of the fundamental frequency pattern I perceived in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, something that even the author Baum did not consciously realise, I wrote Pandora’s Panacea, for those in psychological-spiritual transformation to enjoy, or resonate with, or use as a map through the deep waters of their unconscious journey.   Jung writes, “… our intellect has achieved the most tremendous things, but in the meantime, our spiritual dwelling has fallen into disrepair”.  In other words, we have used our reasoning, thinking mind to full extent, but at the cost of our spiritual origin.  Jung continues, “down by the water he could experience the working of the living spirit like a miracle of healing in the pool of Bethesda”.