Season of the Soul


Then, when all the lights went out, a new light entered in.
Carole Sawo

If we breeze by the covid conspiracy theories for a moment, whether the biological disease came about because of greedy powerhouses, or started by one poor man in a backstreet market who didn’t understand the principles of cross-contamination and hygiene, one thing is for sure, it arose for one reason only. Every problem in the external and internal world is caused by a gross imbalance of wealth.

Wealth does not only apply to actual monetary finance.  It applies to wealth of knowledge, provided by a good education.  With the right knowledge we can attend to all the other wealths; physical wealth by interaction with nature, emotional wealth in self-investments in the heart, psychological wealth in achieving peacefulness in the mind, and spiritual wealth in enjoying our freedom of will.

Looking at the chaos of covid from the ground, with a bottom-up perspective, all looked apparently very bleak and gloomy.  The inner child, the ID, did not want to be told to stay home, go into solitude, for fear the ego will collapse in the loudness of silence.  Others did not listen to their governments but chose to stay home because consciously sacrificing a few weeks or months, in the long run, seemed worth the temporary closures for permanent life.  

Looking at the opportunities of Covid from the Ether, however, with a top-down position, all appears very different.  When we are forced to separate we are forced to absorb all of our own mind’s preoccupations, rather than project them out onto others.  We are forced to contemplate, reconsider, rethink the old broken programmes that led us to this place of brutal stark reality, to consider that the collective mind is thoroughly deluded by cognitive biases, saturated by hypocrisy, shiny distractions, and wanton seduction. From the inside of the cave of the unconscious, all looks shadowy and frightening, but from the outside of the blue skies, is the glimpse of change and choice.

We may not have started the fire, but the flames of Universal Law are now burning.  Way back then in the observable world, was the split between those who sought money, and those who sought peace.  The big wheel continues to grind with those who already have money being given access to more, and those who already had too little, having even less.  It can be very distressing to observe that governments of financial distribution never understood that real contributions to a society are not in monetary value but in the currency of support, grace and compassion.  The gaps of incomprehension in the external world will widen.  The global mind is schizophrenic, brought on by selfishness and greed, and a secret mentality of,  ‘I’m all right jack’, it’s those beggars in poverty that you have to watch, isn’t it?  Well is it now?  Perhaps a much higher being might disagree, and we might be reminded of the words of Freud, that ‘every god must die’.  And that includes the reptiles of obstruction, and demons of misperception that test the integrity of a developing soul.

The scientific mind stays clinging to the cot within the limited window of human perception and sometimes the artistic mind fly’s all the way out of it.  But the way forward, to manage the gravitational forces of separation and return to an enlightened unified mind, is to embrace both.  To bring both science and artwork together.  As I wrote in Pandora’s Panacea, we are the holographic works of art in progress.  To advance consciousness, one psychological foot needs to be firmly planted in the land of physical scientific enquiry, while the other foot needs to be firmly planted in the metaphysical world of quantum reality and philosophy.  In our modern-day language, on the dedicated path of resolute discipline, simplicity, sacrifice and patience.

This is by all apparent accounts, revelation.   A time when all will be revealed, whether we like it or not.  Might this be a time though when we are to face the darknesses that rise from our collective unconscious, for the specific reason of releasing ourselves from it?   As Jung wrote, ‘we do not become enlightened by imagining images of light, but by making the darkness conscious’.  Individually we might be afraid to face our anxieties, heal our wounds, regress to childhood and painful memories that we would much rather prefer not to.  But in doing so, perhaps if we individually educate ourselves by accessing the universal library, learn to discern truth from trash, brave our internal worlds as they temporarily lose focus and change, face and demand of our daemons head-on?  Collectively usurping our internal shadows alone, could we save our external world together?

The real name for the mind is the psyche, which in old knowledge means soul.  Your mind is the soul that you have been looking for.  Might this not also be part of the spiritual contract that you incarnated with?  A script of experiences written ahead of your time, handed to you with the words ‘free will’ on the top?  Covid has made us return home, but only into our temporary houses on earth, in a life of really very little time.  In the bigger picture, chaos means opportunity and this is our opportunity to transform, evolve and choose a better path.

I often quote Bion who wrote, ‘we use a mind to heal a mind’.  Once you get all the way passed insanity, you may see it is just an illusion, some would say, a sane reaction to an insane world, and I for one would agree.  Sometimes our mind wobbles, not only as we reorder our thoughts and beliefs, but as we return to our natural order, after spending most of our lives pushed or distracted from it.  There are laws on the ground, fabricated by humans, sometimes but not always just.  But then there is Law in the universe, designed by the Master of all minds.  If there is a mind to use while we heal our own, is there one better than His?