The Wizard Of Us

by Carole Sawo (in Pandora’s Panacea ©2007)  

Life would be so much easier
If I didn’t have to be
At each and every moment
Another version of me

If I only had the skills within
That I could draw upon
I wouldn’t feel I’m losing out
On all I could become

They tell me that it’s all in me
And I should look and find
But how can I see anything
When I’m completely blind

From over here it seems to me
You don’t look so undone
So tell me how did you achieve
A million into one

For if I had your magic wand
To grant a wish or two
I’d wave it like a conductor
And change from me to you

I’d grant I had your confidence
I’d grant I had your heart
I’d grant I had the brains to know
That I won’t fall apart

But most of all I’d wish for eyes
To help finally see
The pathway that will lead me to
The wonderful wizard of me