The Comedy of Life

In Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007) by Carole Sawo 

Then suddenly the image flipped
And changed from dark to light
I saw that in reflection was
A path to my delight

Upon the stage found actors who
Were beautiful in form
That in their majesty could caste
Mere phantasy transform

I laughed inside for I could tell
That this was no mistake
My misperception of pure hell
Redeemed in double take

But though the trickster raised a hand
To strike me from the stage
I laughed at him to overcome
That he should have no rage

And as the clown in true disguise
Reduced to tiny space
I know I saw in briefest time
A smile upon his face

For he was no more foolish than
The person I’d become
And as he held a hand to me
We alchemised as one

No gender based identity
Can take from man so wise
In truest form of dignity
Saw God within his eyes

Can you believe that this should be
A play in which we act
To take it no more seriously
Than matter of a fact

Amazing intellect to make
A tapestry of life
That held no more reality
Than illusions born in strife

When feeling stopped but eyes perceived
I found in front of me
No tragic consequence of fate
But Divine’st comedy