Dear Physicist

In Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007) by Carole Sawo 


So dearest is the physicist

Upon a quest he will persist

And one day find that what he sought

Was joy of life and peace of thought


In Petri dish a holy grail

When frequency will light a veil

As oscillations from the past

Reveal to him a truth at last


Still seeks in vitro to explain

Plasticity within the brain

And only in the physical

To understand umbilical


In cellular reality

Forgot a missing part of thee

Exploring answers in the dish

In parallel a mind does wish


Does life make sense from microscope

In secret keep his soul in hope

That courage still exist in form

To guide him past familiar norm


Organic view might you not see

That life above polarity

From bottom up you seek a clue

From Heaven down see all of you


From mother’s cord to apron strings

And Nature’s hoard to angels wings

Be astrocyte in front of you

With astral sight to guide you through


Dear physicist should stop in time

Reality no more is thyne

When silent words beg telepathic

Shall comprehend in holographic