Masterclasses in Psychoanalysis

In a very rare opportunity to enquire into the realms of depth psychology, these masterclasses in Psychoanalysis & Analytical Psychology, explore the exceptional contributory works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, to our understanding of the unconscious, and individual & collective minds.

Consisting of three seminars, the first seminar introduces the eminent neurologist and ‘Father of Psychoanalysis’, Sigmund Freud, together with his main theories of Psychosexual Development, the Oedipal Complex, Interpretation of Dreams, The Structure of Personality, Id, Ego & Superego and innate libidinal drives. 

The second seminar focuses on the ‘language of psychoanalysis’, explaining concepts such as, transference, projection, containment, attachment and mirroring in clinical and everyday life.

The third seminar in the series introduces the influential psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, together with his fascinating work on Synchronicity, Archetypes of the Unconscious, the Shadow, the Collective Unconscious, Anima & Animus and Paranormal Psychology.

Tuesday 16th June to 30th June 2020 (3 Week Course)

Lecture 1:  Tuesday 16th June: 7pm

Lecture 2:  Tuesday 23rd June: 7pm
Lecture 3:  Tuesday 30th June: 7pm

Price:       £43

Once you have completed registration, you will receive automatic electronic confirmation.  On the evening of the lecture, you will receive email notification with access to the lecture. You can re-access the lecture as many times as you wish for one week.  All those registered also have the opportunity to ask questions, and view all Q&A’s by other classmates in the private lecture forums.

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