The Angel

in ‘Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art’
by Carole Sawo


Behold that in thy darkest night
The Angel that is in thy sight
Brings forth the colours of true love
Transcend you to the Lord above

And whence thou heart begin to break
The deepest fear shall you create
In temporary sight you see
Where Angel now a beast shall be

But holdeth you to what is true
The innocence inside of you
Shall sweep the darkness clear away
Illuminating all in day

And you shall know what Angel bring
The truth so that your heart can sing
Releasing you into the dark
Blessed your journey did embark

So fear you not for it’s not true
The truth is there inside of you
Not shadow but the purest light
To guide thee through the darkest night

So grace thou bravest Angel bring
You back to God and back again
That you shall live as you should be
Perfection lives inside of thee

For innocence and love is true
The Angel see inside of you
Your simple beauty you shall know
Return to life so you can grow

Humble child you shall not mourn
The darkest night before thy dawn
Shall come to pass and be thy gift
The freedom of thy spirit lift

The Angel that bring you to sleep
Doth wake you still, your soul you keep
And bless the path that you will see
The God that is inside of thee