2020 Vision

It’s late summer in England, on one of the hottest days of the year, and I’m excited.  20/20 vision usually refers to hindsight, but behind the scenes, I have been really busy planning forward with the new 2020 Hebe College curriculum, that I can now share with you, that includes some new and fascinating topics that I’m sure you are going to enjoy.  

Before that, I just wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you for making the progression of Hebe College such a success; for enroling in the new Online Study, attending courses and seminars, giving the kindest feedback, and for all of your contributions in class.  You are truly incredible people with the most interesting life experiences, and you never cease to amaze me.  I look forward to seeing you in the next academic year. 

Registration is now open for next year, and there are so many events listed, that it is now showing Online on two pages, and you may have to scroll down to find the course or seminar you wish to attend on Page 2.  Whilst some courses and seminars will be scheduled every year, due to the number of different topics now offered, some other events will be scheduled every other year.  The suggestion is … if you see it on the Calendar now, book it!

* NEW LISTINGS *  Especially for those of you who have attended most if not all of the events over the years, I’m really excited to let you know about the introduction of three new opportunities; Masterclasses in Psychoanalysis (3 weeks)Child Psychology (2 weeks) and a seminar on an Introduction to Philosophy.  Please follow the title links to read further details.

As with all courses and seminars, you do not need to have taken any other course to enrol on the one you are interested in.  Due to the success of the Introduction to Psychology 1 course, another opportunity to attend has been added to the 2020 Calendar, in addition to an Introduction to Psychology 2course, that includes additionally fascinating topics in psychological development.

* EARLY BIRD OFFER *  As a special offer, anyone wishing to attend the Forensic Psychology 3 course commencing in January 2020, can now register to secure an early bird discount offer, that expires on 4th October 2019.

For the remainder of this year, the Autumn Courses and Seminars are listed below, but for anyone wishing to put something in the diary now, to look forward to in 2020, please follow the links below to view the new 2020 Calendar and Registration.

I look forward to seeing you there!
Best Wishes
Carole Sawo 


Join us In Class, or here are some related courses in the Online Study
Is it really possible to control someone else’s mind or have someone control ours? With all the thoughts that swirl around, is it even possible for us to ‘control’ our own mind?
Selecting the most exciting areas of Criminology, Psychiatry, Forensic Science, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, you will be captivated throughout the course as you explore criminal case studies and forensic themes.
Your mind is full of defence mechanisms that operate outside of your conscious awareness.  Whilst some function to protect your mind, others activate that sabotage your relationships, conversations and opportunities. 
An evening of ghosts, perfectly timed with the yuletide season, explores the concept, formation and meanings of all things ghostly.  With discussion of images, orbs, energy & temperature shifts, manifestations, historical sightings and local hauntings, all are encompassed on this thrilling evening with ghosts.