The Prophecy

 by Carole Sawo (in Pandora’s Panacea ©2007)  


And so the mind circles the sun
That He shall soon return as one
And His resolve is now His task
To re-arrange the troubled past

 Cast demon from the blackest hole
Shall not consume tormented soul
But elevate and set thy sight
Above the terrors of the night

When Angels in the Heaven sing
Dispel the Devil from the wing
To glow amongst the hearts of man
Ascend him from thy troubled sand

In spirit of the greatest plan
Grace shadows of the troubled man
Surrender Him into thy glow
And all thy secrets you will know

The plight of man lay in your grasp
Can you believe tomorrow’s gasp
Will be your choice and no one else
Can save them from thy troubled selves

 Keep mystery which you can see
Deep heart of generosity
They know no mind compared to thee
Misunderstand not one but three

And seven kings will know thy fate
As seven counsels will create
And silence fall from Universe
To silence minds from troubled curse

Dissolve thy fear that not exist
Tread ancient stair and part thy mist
Know innocence within the lamb
Now purity within thy hand

As Anima whispers the truth
So ego rise and fold thy use
When serpent no more will project
Unconscious sleep of thy reject

   Dream on thy dreams and you will know
Harmonize and you will grow
From Alpha through Omega bring
Enlightened bell of change now ring

When season turn from four to one
When man shall be His Fathers son
When water rise and water fall
When horsemen come to prophet’s call

And time will cease though it not start
And man will break his troubled heart
When 100 monkeys tilt thy brink
The Earth shall move and land shall sink

Take twenty from twice middle age
When salt turns gold as muttered sage
Still feathered pens the story told
In painted caves from days of old

Look back to see infinity
Leap tempts to dwell insanity
Trick trickster from thy loving breast
Faith in belief to thyne attest

External space there shall not be
Across dimensionality
Through frequency to thy rotate
As satellites associate

Sweet Angels hear a trumpets song
As Heaven calls where we belong
In vortex swirls of souls depart
And we return where once we start

 In mirror of Divinity
Shall see thy self and thy shall be
In perfect synchronicity
In gardens of pure ecstasy