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Is your head in a constant whirl?
Are you tearful, forgetful, feeling stressed and overwhelmed,
or have you just got too much going around in your mind?
If so, then read on …

A must for anyone with a muddled mind in need of organising, De-Cluttering the Mind is an easy to follow guide for developing and maintaining a healthy, peaceful mind.  Applying the simple strategies will enable you to restore, re-energise and renew the way you view your life, your mind, and ultimately, yourself.

Utilising a humorous approach and an everyday framework of reference, Carole Sawo has brilliantly combined her incredible sense of humour with a refreshingly grounded approach to psychological development.

If you only buy one book De-Cluttering the Mind should be it.  Elegantly written, delightfully entertaining, with Carole Sawo’s amazing perspective on the internal workings of the psyche and her relentless efforts to restore happiness, this pioneering book has been courageously written with your peace in mind!

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