6 Ways You Haemorrhage Mind Energy

It is not always possible to keep an eye on what our mind is up to, but if we don’t monitor or at least check in with what it’s doing, and just leave it to its own devices, we can soon become the victim of our own mind energy haemorrhages. 

The mind, just like the brain and the body, uses energy.  Mind-energy is relatively invisible but is none-the-less vital.  What is visible are the results of an energy haemorrhage.  Someone who is haemorrhaging energy is soon wiped out; precursored by a loss of clarity, exhaustion, missing deadlines and making poor decisions.  Energy haemorrhages lower the overall frequency at which we individually vibrate – or in non-energy terms – we can plummet into tearful despair.   

Knowing how we might be losing vital mind energy, is a good way to ensure that we don’t.  The following are the six common ways that you might be haemorrhaging your vital mind energy;

  1. Dwelling

The general definition of dwelling is to continually think or talk about something that is unpleasant or upsetting.  There is certainly a time and place for discussing our own difficulties and experiences with someone who cares about and loves us, but then there is a time to stop.  Sometimes other people just do not want to hear about our upsets.   Often we continue to talk and think about situations that have upset us, in order to rework it, resolve it, let it sit more easily in our mind, but sometimes to keep dwelling is not to solve anything, but to continue to keep the hurt alive within ourselves.  It’s a double whammy, to be hurt by someone and because they will not acknowledge it, we then hurt ourselves forevermore by slipping on a mind puddle right back into the hurt that was caused in the first place.  Dwelling, even when it is perfectly understandable, is an energy haemorrhage to keep your conscious eye on.

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