The VLF’s

In my observation of human behaviour in everyday life, in addition to watching the energy that moves not only between people but within them, I’ve long thought that people vibrate at different frequencies.  It’s something I wrote about years ago, and I draw your attention here to those whom I refer as the V.L.F’s – people who vibrate at Very Low Frequencies.

People, essentially, are batteries!    The brain cell, the neuron, is basically a tiny battery that depolarises in order to fire the chemical messenger along an electrical pathway.  In our mind, cellular activity translates into thoughts, memories and the processing of sensory information. VLF is a description of radio wavelengths typically used by submarines.  In the mind, VLF’s transmit at the level of depth subconsciousness.  In energy terms, they operate at the sub blue – below the speakable.   In any medium, VLF communication does not contain much bandwidth!

You will know when you have met a VLF because they say words or perform behaviours that are so spectacularly low level, unreasonable or ridiculous that it leaves your brain trying unsuccessfully to fathom their utter nonsense and often blinded behaviour.  Behaviour, that has the ability to seduce even the strongest mind to vibrate at lower frequencies, and many a good mind is spun into the depths of confusion and despair when encountering a VLF.  

We might assume, incorrectly, that VLF’s are those without an education or knowledge, but what makes someone’s ‘frequency’ high or low is not a question of one’s level of ignorance or intelligence.  There are lots of VLF people to be found in very senior professional positions, whose overall behaviour provides a window into the base of their dense psychology from which they reference all incoming information and outgoing behaviour.  But if having a low or high frequency doesn’t depend on ignorance or intelligence, what does it depend on?  

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