Closing the Portals to Pain

You would think, wouldn’t you, that before standing in front of an audience to give a 45 minute talk, that the sensible thing would be to prepare? To have notes all ready, perfectly typed, bullet points in large print, etc. And of course you would be right. But stand in front of an audience with absolutely nothing prepared is exactly what I did on Saturday – in fact, it is exactly what I do every time I give a talk at any holistic event.

Contrary to the many hours I spend behind the scenes, meticulously researching, designing and preparing every lesson I ever teach, there are times, I know, when science and planning just doesn’t hit the spot. Seemingly opposite to the logical, linear, left-hemispheric processing, is another equally important process in the mind – that which is artistic, creative, boundless, illogical, crazy even, but no less true. It is that which makes for whole-mind processing – it is that which makes us alive.

The talk on Saturday was about ‘calling in the Archetypal Wise Man’. It was a lesson on accessing a vitally important quantity within the mind – that which often lays dormant and unknown to most, due to the desensitization of collective, programmed belief systems. And yet it is an inexplicable quantity by which I navigate everything I do. As I munched my breakfast on the morning of the talk I enquired to the ether, ‘what would you like me to tell them today?’ The Wise Man responded with the words above.  But no matter how you prefer your education, I wish you, on this beautiful Spring day, that wisdom enables you to close all of your portals to pain.

All good things,