in Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art by Carole Sawo

What is this in front of me
Dancing across the boundary
Happily within her grasp
Heaven in her mind at last

Look into her eyes and see
Parallel reality
Knows the truth that you do seek
Wake you dreamer from the sleep

Beauty flirting with the beast
Sacrifice dispel the feast
Purity in motion be
Innocent Divinity

Fear may rise but it will fall
She appear when Author call
Serenity upon her face
Humility in silent grace

Close the eye to walk the path
Of your illusion she will laugh
Trust in a heart where freedom fly
Angel ascend through mystic sky

Brave your heart and free your soul
Let go a half to know a whole
Hold the pretty hand of old
That bought the soul that once you sold

Delicate the trembling lamb
Ask of her just who I am
Elegance in poetry
A silhouette of Heaven – She