How to Write a Book

Writing is such a great therapeutic tool.  Some people write daily in private journals where they can express all their innermost thoughts and feelings, in order to reflect on their personal experiences.   Other people jot notes throughout their life’s journey and collect them in boxes, vowing one day that they will collect it all together in a book.  And then others, inspired by creativity, a thought or a burning desire to create a masterpiece of their own, spend hours writing overviews and sending them to publishing houses, never to hear anything back.  

It is said that everyone has a book inside of them but having such a great idea, message, story or experience that you want to share with the world and being prevented from doing so, is not only very frustrating, it can be creatively disheartening. Whether you wish to write for your own reflections or have your work published for others to read, writing a book is one of the most creative accomplishments that anyone can achieve.  All that is really needed is the permission you give to yourself, the motivation to write with the long game in mind of one day seeing your work in print on a bookshelf, and a guide to show you how.

What you’ll learn;

✓   Be guided throughout the entire process by successful author and publisher, Carole Sawo
Discover how to begin the writing practice
✓   Be shown how to create and assemble your work
✓   Learn about the legal obligations you have to adhere to when publishing your work
✓   Acquire practical strategies on how to have your book published
✓   Develop and utilise proven successful marketing strategies

Course Content;

Previously taught only in live seminars, How to Write a Book is a fully comprehensive course specially recorded in video format and designed for anyone wishing to put their imaginative thoughts into print. From start to finish, you’ll receive absolutely everything you need to bring your idea from inside your mind into a book in your hand.  Within each lesson, you will learn about the important areas of writing and utilising practical strategies to begin, assemble, and publish your book.

Lesson 1:  The Creative Process

      • How, When and Where to Write
      • Overcoming Obstacles
      • Writing Styles
      • Nom de Plumes
      • Choosing a Title
      • How to get Started
      • Using Characters
      • Formulating the Plan  

Lesson 2:  Inside the Book

      • Book Formatting
      • Front & Back Covers
      • Title Page Verso
      • Preface & Introduction
      • Book Content & Indexes
      • Plagiarism & Ethics
      • Copyright Laws

Lesson 3:  The Finished Product

      • Getting Published & ebooks
      • Editing & Printing
      • ISBN Numbers/Barcodes
      • Officially Registering Your Book
      • Legal Obligations
      • How Much to Charge
      • Marketing & Distribution
      • Your Book Launch

What you’ll receive;

•  Three 30 minute video lessons, packed with information to explain fully how to write a book
•  Numerous
useful, practical strategies for writing, organisation and publishing your work
The flexibility 
of accessing the videos anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, computer, or mobile devices
•  24/7  Watch Again, pause and replay facility

Special Features;

•  FREE GIFT, a complete ‘Book-Launch Checklist’, to ensure you celebrate your achievements fully and formally announce your book to the widest audience possible
FREE GIFT, an ‘Essential Guide to Successfully Marketing Your Book’, packed with really useful tried and tested methods to sell your book 

Start Now;

All you need to do is click ‘start now’ below and you will receive full access to the full series comprises three 30 minute video tutorials that you can begin right away.  Immediately after you register, you’ll find an email in your inbox with easy to follow login details.  It’s that simple!  Need any access support, we are always here and happy to help. With replay facility, you can access the lessons as many times as you would like and enjoy learning at your own convenience.

What People Are Saying;

‘Having completed this series, I just wanted to say thank you and to share how affirming and fulfilling I found it.  I have for many years had the belief that I would write and the mindset of I can and I will but was very much missing the how to!  I found your lessons easy to listen to and take notes from and the PowerPoint presentations most helpful. The teaching was clear and concise and your sharing of your own experience was so helpful as indeed are the two guides which you also included.  Now, from conception to completion I have the how to’  (Lisa)

‘I couldn’t believe how much you get for your money and how much is packed into this excellent series.  I had an idea and some notes, but now I know exactly how to write a book.  Thanks to Carole’   (Brenda)

‘Carole told me it was easier to publish a book than people think.  I’m so excited, as I have now written a series of 5 books and they are all for sale on Amazon’  (Monique)

There really are no other guided opportunities available like this anywhere else.
If you have an idea you have a book.  Start writing today!

Price: £35

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