Book Preview ~ Contents

‘From Mourning into Morning’

Prefatory:  Falling Apples

 ~ The Primary Archetypal Pattern of the Universe, Symbolism, Language, Evolutions of Consciousness

Introduction:  On Holographic Works of Art

~ Dancing Stars in Chaos
~ The Wizard of Oz Revealed
~ Psychoanalysis of The Scream
~ Iconography in The Moses and The David
~ My Poetry Explained

Part 1.       For the Inner and Outer Child

Loss, Little Child, To an Abuser, Miss Perception, The Boy Behaving Badly, My Darling Dear, To a Carer From a Child, Mommy, The Outer Child, Thinking of You, Let me.

Part 2.      Ego Evolution
I Wonder Who Mr Freud, The Wizard of Us, Fragmented Sanity, Alpha encore, Killing Me Softly, In Honour of the death of the Ego, Male Avail, Not a Hero, Double Crossed, Beyond the Mask, From Egos to Eros.

Part 3.      Requited Love
The Beautiful Rose, The Best Place I Can Be, After All, When You Smiled, Affairs of the Heart, Goodbye, In Memory of a Friend, Transcending Adam.

Part 4.      Mystical Phantastical
Pandora’s Box, She, Dungeons and Drag-Ons, Worth Weighting, Ode to a Toad, The Sweet Release, The Angel, May I, Illusion Opticus

Part 5.      The Prophecies
The Venus Returns, Dear Physicist, Silent Time, The Prophecy, The Comedy of Life, In Dreams We Seek, The Angelical Stone, A Gift.