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… and as the lock turned Pandora opened the box.
Not out of disobedience, curiosity, naivety, or ignorance,
but in faith, fortitude, wisdom, and love.

From mythical to mystical, Pandora’s Panacea deliberately challenges contemporary perception, encouraging the reader to question not only that which they can see but that which they cannot.   Within Pandora’s Box, a metaphor for the mind, we find a host of psychological tools and a manual on how to use them.   Knowledge is the key to our survival, not only of the physical body but of our psychological and spiritual selves as well.  Whilst ignorance keeps us blind, distant, separate, fearful, and bound, knowledge reforms, consoles, amends, and sets us all free. Simply put, ignorance tempts only to terminate, knowledge seeks always to regenerate.  Of all the things one can ingest, it is knowledge that offers the optimum immunity.  And distance the ability to discern.

We have become fixed broken and at some point in life, our hearts and minds break in order to be fixed.  Having flown the frequencies we may learn from our circularity of slips and errors that really we knew nothing  – and that was all we ever needed to know.   Landing heavily on our knees we may remember the more important things in our human experience, like humility, forgiveness, acceptance, patience, and Grace.  Eventually, we may understand; it is only in ‘the fall’ that we become real.
                                                                                                   (Carole Sawo)

Excerpts from the book…

~ Whilst the characters in Oz symbolise the archetypes found within the unconscious, Dorothy’s allegorical journey corresponds precisely with the psychological experience of a mind in transition; with the challenges found in the story mirroring the challenges all of us find in life.  The Wizard of Oz translates easily in psychoanalytic language as ‘the ego within the mind’.

~ As with the Black, Gold, and Silver Chakras, the fourth stage of ego is a reality, and a difficult one to grapple with.  It is on from the Superego and beyond polarity. 

~ Many lessons are taught in public and learned in solitude…and we never know, perhaps a soul is ever more purified when purgatory is consciously volunteered. 

~ Emerging from darkness we might realise that it is wisdom that lets us into the tunnel and the dark night – and ultimately, it is wisdom that gets us out!

‘ What memory have you forgot, what beauty shall you hide,
What dream the gatekeeper begot, beyond the mortal side’