The Psychology of Depression

Depression is a psychological and often physical condition, in which a person can feel very low.  Symptoms include a loss of interest in pleasurable things, irritability, apathy and general overall feelings of being down.  Throughout life, it is common for everyone’s feelings to ebb and flow, but in depression, there is a general flatness that persists over time.  Directly or indirectly, depression affects many, if not most people in some way. Managing depression can be made more difficult when sufferers do not have enough or the right information about their condition, understand the real causes, know how to manage it, or can fathom a way out of the fog.

The most important thing to realise is that depression is the name we give to a set of symptoms, but this does not explain the cause.  In understanding and dealing with the cause, sufferers can gain a much better perspective of their experience, and how to manage it.  In this truly life-changing opportunity to watch the entire live recording of this unique and comprehensive lecture on The Psychology of Depression, you will learn about the 13 causes and triggers of depression and the one factor that underpins all types of depression.  In addition to providing a complete overview, Carole Sawo presents her new ground-breaking energy theory of depression, together with a range of practical strategies for everyday management and recovery.

What you’ll learn;

✓     Definitions and diagnostic categories of depression
✓     Explore the common problems that prevent recovery and cure
✓     Review the Biological & Psychological Approaches
✓     Uncover the affects of neurological habit formation 
✓     Learn about self-fulfilling prophecies in the development of depression
✓     Explore the affects of seasonal changes
✓     Discover the 13 causes of depression 
✓     Identify the underpinning real cause of all types of depression
✓     Develop everyday strategies for management and recovery

Seminar Content;

Beginning with an overview of the definitions, terminology and traditional categorisations of depression, this seminar comprehensively draws on a spectrum of never before discussed information from neuroscience, psychology,  psychoanalysis, personal development and evolutionary psychology.  Throughout this two-hour live seminar, is shown the invisible, yet powerful internal and external influences on the development of depression.   After analysis of current perspectives and the problems that prevent recovery, this seminar identifies 13 causes of depression, highlighting the one underlying critical factor present in all cases.   In addition to learning about Carole Sawo’s entirely new energy-theory of depression, included are workable, practical strategies for management and recovery.

What you’ll receive;

•  110 min live video recording of the lecture, packed with information to fully explain the human brain, mind, and causes of depression
•  Numerous simple, practical strategies to apply right away and retain for life
•  The flexibility of accessing the lecture anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, computer, audio or mobile devices
•  24/7  Listen Again, pause and replay facility
•  The BONUS opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’ and access private membership forums

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