Dream Analysis

Dreams are the gateway into the unconscious.  Every night, all humans need to sleep and often we dream, but why?  Is the dream just a collection of  subconscious wishes and desires, or random images that appear in semi-conscious states, or is there a purpose for dreaming?   When dreams seem so irrational, do they have any relevance at all to our waking life and do the characters and images that appear have any real significance?   When the mind is alert during the day, how and why is it that when sleeping and resting at night, a part of our mind is still active, even though consciousness is not?

Previously only taught at live events, answers to these and many other intriguing questions are answered in this truly fascinating, specially recorded live seminar.  In sleep we enter into a phantasy world, in which we explore the landscape of the dream realm.  In this seminar, you will learn how to speak the language of the unconscious and decode what your dreams are really saying to you.

What you’ll learn;

✓     Brain anatomy, the pineal gland, brain changes & neurology in sleep
✓     Explore the reasons why we sleep and dream
✓     Learn about sleep stages and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) in Dream Sleep
✓     Uncover the real cause of seasonal sleep changes & SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
✓     Sleeping disorders and natural techniques for a good night’s sleep
✓     States of consciousness and the mind in sleep states
✓     Learn the symbolic language of the unconscious
✓     Uncover the purpose and prophecy in a nightmare
✓     Discover why some people have recurring dreams and what can be done to break them
✓     Common dream symbol meanings; butterflies, beaches, bathrooms, cars, dungeons, tsunamis & dragonflies
✓     Analyse and decode your own dreams
✓     Learn how to make your dreams work for you

Seminar Content;

This seminar begins with an overview of changing brain frequencies in relation to external zeitgebers and internal shifts in sleep stages.  With discussion of sleep cycles and how to get the best night’s sleep, and a refreshingly new perspective on the real reason for a nightmare, you’ll learn about the psychological reasons why we sleep and dream.   The subconscious mind communications in an ancient language.  In this seminar, not only will you be shown how to speak that language, but how to  analyse and decode your own dreams and how you can make your mind work for you – even, or especially, when sleeping.

What you’ll receive;

•  65 min LIVE seminar recording on Dream Analysis
•  Practical strategies for improving sleep
•  The flexibility of accessing the seminar anywhere via your multi-media, laptop, tablet, computer or mobile devices
•  24/7  Listen Again, pause and replay facility 
•  The BONUS opportunity to ‘Ask Carole’ and access private membership forums

Start Now;

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Explore the fascinating world of Dream Analysis and discover

what your unconscious mind is really saying to you!

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