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A Peaceful Mind
This course invites you to get off the crazy mind treadmill, to breathe for a moment, take stock of where you are, get organised, calm down  and begin again, not by doing more, but by doing less.

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Anxiety & The Way To Beat It
Traditionally, anxiety is described as a psychological disorder, however, in this ground-breaking live recording you’ll learn a new perspective; that everyday anxiety is not the problem, but a symptom, caused by one of only three possibilities.



Panic Attacks 
Deep in the subconscious mind is a previously forgotten evolutionary tool that will enable anyone to navigate a panic attack.  Learn about the greatest opportunity for mastering them and the potential of taking yourself on to a full recovery.

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The Psychology of Depression
In this truly life-changing opportunity to watch the entire live recording of this unique and comprehensive lecture on The Psychology of Depression, you will learn about the 13 causes and triggers of depression and the one factor that underpins all types of depression.



How to Get Over Your Ex
The moment we meet a potential mate, whether in person or online, we immediately begin to form a bond with them, known as an attachment.  But how do we release ourselves from these invisible bonds?

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Dream Analysis
Dreams are the gateway to the unconscious.  Every night, all humans need to sleep and often we dream, but why?  What is the symbolic meaning of dreams, and can we make the dream work for us?

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Thought Alchemy
What are thoughts and how can we manage them?  What can we do about negative thinking? By developing an understanding of what thoughts really are, and techniques for conversion, we open up a sense of overall peace, and an internal world in which we are happy to live.

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Developing Intuition
In this  specially recorded live workshop, you will learn how to re-connect with your own intuition, where to locate it in the body, how to access and utilise intuition everyday, to make  the most informed and wisest decisions.

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How To Write A Book
Writing can be therapeutic. Everyone has a book inside of them.  Learn the step-by-step method of bringing your great idea, valued story, message or experience from out of your mind into a wonderful book for others to read and enjoy.

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The Subconscious Food Habits of Thin People
When we know that too much sugar is not good for us, that processed foods contain unknown preservatives and chemicals, watching our diet and food habits is not a question of our conscious intelligence.  So what is it a question of?

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