Introduction to Psychology (2)

Introduction to Psychology (1) and (2) are courses for anyone wishing to explore the fascinating enigma that is the human mind.  These introductory courses enable you to begin or develop your awareness of social, behavioural, cognitive and developmental psychology.  You do not need to have completed course (1) before embarking on course (2).  Both of these courses are also excellent preparation & foundation courses for accredited psychological study in further, or higher education or just for general interest or professional development.

Introduction to Psychology (2) explores the psychological areas of Non-Verbal Communication, Development of Personality, Social Influence & Obedience, Sex & Gender Formation, and Psychopathology & Therapies.

Both Introduction to Psychology courses offer a brilliant opportunity for you to gain a thorough understanding of the human & animal mind and behaviour …  and of how your own mind works!

Tuesday 21st July to 18th August 2020:  7pm-9pm
Course:    Five Weeks – two-hour weekly lectures

Price:       £63.50

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*   No previous experience or qualifications required.  No homework or assessments 
*  Course Attendance Certificates provided on completion   
*  Academic references provided on request

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