The branch of psychological research that explores psychic phenomena beyond scientific parameters is known as parapsychology, which studies among other abilities, Extra-Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Thought Transfer, Remote Viewing, and Astral Projection.  It is here that we enter the often uncanny, seemingly unfathomable, yet perfectly synchronistic world of that which exists beyond the physical in spirituality. Spirituality is very different from religion, for example, religions have hierarchies, doctrine, symbols, rituals, ceremonies, and rules, whereas spirituality requires none of these things.  Perhaps the best distinction to make is that religion is for groups of people, whereas spirituality is for the individual and can perhaps be better described as the individual pursuit of a re-connection with an ethereal being far greater than ourselves. 

We are more than just physical matter and human construction that ends when our lives come to an end.  Those on the spiritual path understand that as the physical body ceases to exist, when our spiritual scripts are completed, our etheric body continues on.  While it is healthy to form our own beliefs about our spiritual existence and the afterlife, in truth, a requirement, an experience of human life can be viewed from a top-down perspective, as part of the journey of the soul that one day returns to the unconditionally loving nature that created it in perfect adoration.

Preview: Healing The Healers

The process of spiritual development, often misunderstood by many, will invariably require your own self-reflection, homework, discipline, and progression.  Spiritual enquiry and personal development go hand-in-hand, which can sometimes come as a surprise to those who would rather not reflect that deeply, but explore with enthusiasm, the many aspects of rising psychic abilities, colour spectrums and healing practices. Perhaps it may be explained in that everything that has life has energy and as we upgrade ourselves spiritually, the old layers of human and conscious misperception about ourselves, fall away in perfect synchronicity. The spiritual world is indeed a fascinating and truly amazing world but it is a landscape that needs navigating and guidance.  The first thing to know is that the spiritual path is not really a path at all, it’s a fast-track astral conveyor belt that will open your mind to energies and experiences that you will not have encountered before.  Along with the progression of ourselves, our ego intrinsically monitors and plays an enormous part in the conscious evolution of our mind – an interplay that requires you to master many arts previously unknown.