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Consciousness is evolving.  Our mind, our psychology, is intrinsically linked to the world around us and both are changing.  Not only is the earth changing in its warming and shifts in weather patterns, but so too is our internal world going through a similar change in the way we perceive and think.  Individually, many people will think that it is only them, their personal experience that is shifting into unfamiliar territory, but in truth, the collective consciousness is progressing through to the next, fourth, and final stage of development – a phenomenal paradigm shift only extensively described in detail by the creator of Hebe College.

Chamber has been specially created to provide readers with a unique and dedicated forum to navigate through this extraordinary level of conscious transformation.  Here you will learn about the predictable rise in metaphysical phenomena, that bypasses logical fathoming, and avoid many of the pitfalls that occur when the ego, spirit, and soul interplay in the phantasy realms of the unconscious, and spill out sometimes into conscious reality.   Rising consciousness begins with increased awareness, that is filled with glorious light, profound inspirations, and ineffable experiences of love.  But in truth, real enlightenment begins in endarkenment, whether we wish it to or not.  As synchronicity stirs into motion, there is an increase in psychological-spiritual experience, but it is a pathway that you do not need to tread alone.  At Chamber, you will find literature and other media to comfort your journey, and information to companion you along your way to intellectual advancement and spiritual freedom.

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The Misperception of Sin ~ by Carole Sawo

When I was 5 years old, I suddenly surprised everyone in my non-religious family, and asked to be taken to Sunday School.  There, on my very first visit and encounter with a nun, I was told that we were all born sinners.  I remember, even now, looking up into the shrivelled face of the looming old crone and thinking, ‘well you might be a sinner, but I’m not’.  I guess she had underestimated the feisty in this suckling, who chose never to return to her church of persecution, and also, never lost my faith.  Something that remained as a direct result of my deciding there and then, even without cognitive intelligence, to never follow anyone with a habit. 

We are often guided to develop our own spiritual connection, to cut out the middleman, the gatekeeper to our soul freedom and the human who operates in unawareness that they are under a powerful influence of control, being driven by the unconscious activation of a primordial archetype.

The word ‘sin’ does not mean hellfire and brimstone, the punishment for violation of divine law.  Sin is … [Read More>]
(Artwork:  by William Blake)

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