Pattern Analyst

Nature is full of patterns.  Day and night is a binary pattern.  Wave motion of the sea is another typical pattern.   In fractal inspection, examining the leaves of a tree, we find all leaves on a tree, give or take, grow to the same ‘tree dna’, or carbon structures, that produce leaves of a similar shape and size.  On the beach, we find other typical patterns in shells of repeated spiral formations. The uncommon study of patterns is usually found in physics and mathematics.  Energy and moving objects typically conform to pattern motion.  In numbers, we find consistencies in sequences or combinations, and many find fascination in the primaries that do not appear to conform to the natural order.

At the time of publishing, psychological pattern observation is a very rare occupation, sometimes found in the pursuit of profiling human behaviour.  Until now, studying patterns has only been focused on observing physical structures, however, Carole Sawo takes pattern analysis to a whole new level in her unique observation and introspection of atypical, yet predictable patterning of events, that extend from the natural to the supernatural world.  In decoding the co-ordinates of sacred geometry as an archetypal language, Carole Sawo published her Fundamental Pattern in 2007, (presenting it in academia the following year), and Solving the Code of the Universe in 2020, pioneering the evolution of human consciousness beyond the window of previously known perception.