Illusion Opticus

In Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art (2007) by Carole Sawo 

Freeze the frame so you might see

Beyond the veil to deep in me
Release the catch that holds me here
And still the time for eyes to clear

Exposure dawn through mist and hue
Enigma be in front of you
Revealing of the inner calm
In silent pose in mid transform

Strange beauty stranger beast reside
Convert the wish revert the tide
Suspend the helix in your mind
Should misperceive clarity blind

A multitude of fabric make
The image now that you create
So woven in through all the years
So steeped within the love and tears

Capture naked deep reflection
Holographic pure perfection
Graceful flight on solid ground
From shattered glass to crystal sound

Photographs in black and white
Tranquillity in day and night
Collage my soul but do you see
The mystery inside of me