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There is a common myth that there is no new knowledge to be found in the world.  The same misperception is held about archaeology until, of course, ancient artefacts are discovered. Carole Sawo is an original field contributor bringing not only new insights, increased awareness, old school teachings and new knowledge to the conscious collective, but a whole new way of perceiving altogether.  At the forefront of comprehension, often new knowledge is undervalued, disregarded even, until that is, someone realises what the artist was trying to say.   Here are just a few of Carole’s entirely new contributions to the advancement of the human intellect.

Solving the Code of the Universe

Carole Sawo reveals her unique holographic pattern to solve the Code of the Universe. Explaining the pattern of 3, 6 & 9, Carole Sawo expands the window of human perception from the visible to the invisible and applies the code to physics, electro-magnetics, telecommunication, mathematics, binary code, Reimann, psychology, psychoanalysis, archaeology, astronomy, telepathy, astrology, colour frequency spectrum, the wizard of oz, human energy system, philosophy, mythology, and a rise in collective consciousness.

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Mind Pooling in Resonance Frequency

Have you ever wondered why some people can have such an influence on your behaviour?   Carole Sawo introduces the concept of ‘Mind Pooling’, the phenomenon of transmission between minds via the principles of resonance frequency.

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Pandora’s Panacea ~ Holographic Works of Art
“… and as the lock turned Pandora opened the box.  

On Pattern Theory, discovering the Fundamental Archetypal Pattern at play in the Universe, Symbolic Sight, using Holographic Vision, coding in The Philosophers Stone, the symbolism in The Wizard of Us!  The works ‘in progress’ push the boundaries of contemporary psychological theory, spiritual interpretation, mystical musings, and evolutions of consciousness.

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7 Levels of Consciousness

For anyone living in the Matrix,  Carole Sawo is the first person in the world to provide a visible comprehensive map of the internal topography, explaining the location in the mind of the ego, defence mechanisms, dream symbolism, archetypes, tangible levels of consciousness, spontaneous awakenings, psychological or spiritual crisis, frequency ladder, higher states of God-consciousness, and the spiritualisation of the ego.

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Carbon Memory in Unconcious Inheritance

Carole Sawo brings an entirely new concept to the collective consciousness, explaining how and why people have total recall of memories from not only their personal or recent past, but from pre-existence.

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De-Cluttering The Mind

Is your head in a constant whirl?    Are you tearful, forgetful, feeling stressed, and overwhelmed?   A must for anyone with a muddled mind in need of clearing, organising, and calming down, De-Cluttering the Mind is an easy to follow guide for developing and maintaining a healthy, peaceful mind.  Applying the simple strategies provided, will enable you to clear out the old programmes and baggage, restore, re-energise and renew the way you view your life, your mind, and ultimately, yourself.

‘You will win all of your external wars, the moment you win your internal one’ ~ Carole Sawo

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The Dancing Stars in Chaos

What happens in the mind when external chaos enters in? 

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